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23 Dec

Chess Programs

The U.S. Chess Trust helps support the following Chess Programs & Events: (Click on available links for additional Program/Resources details) Chess for Youth Sets for Vets Denker Tournament for High School Champions World Youth Championship Collegiate Final Four Scholar Chess ...

31 Oct

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

It is scaaaarrrry to see how great Nimzowitsch was. Here is a beautiful and instructive game with notations by Aron Nimzowitsch. Enjoy! Play online chess

27 Oct

2010 World Youth Chess Championships

The 2010 World Youth Chess Championship is going on now (Oct. 19 – Oct. 31). Many young talented players from all over the world are participating in this event! Among the top-scorers for this event are Kayden Troff (Open U-12) ...

27 Oct

The World Youth (Under-16) Chess Olympiad is Coming Up!

Nov. 26 – Dec. 5, 2010 Burdur, Türkiye (Turkey) The Turkish Chess Federation (TCF) will organize the above-mentioned event in Burdur, Turkey from November 26th (Arrival) to December 5th (Departure).  The Championship will be conducted under the auspices of Federation ...

12 Oct

3rd Annual Schein-Friedman Awards Announced

By Mark Schein and Aviv Friedman October 12, 2010 The Schein – Friedman Scholastic Recognition Project is glad to announce its third year scholarship recipients. This year’s selection was especially tough, with many qualified applicants, who are amongst the best ...

11 Oct

Beatriz Marinello Elected Vice-President of the World Chess Federation (FIDE)

Congratulations to new FIDE Vice President, Beatriz Marinello! Kirsan Ilyumzhinov won re-election as FIDE’s President, and Trustee Beatriz Marinello was elected as FIDE Vice-President. Beatriz continues to blaze trails in chess politics, and is now the highest ranking woman to ...

05 Oct

Question of the Month: Magnus Carlsen

According to FIDE, Magnus Carlsen is the highest rated player in the world with a rating of 2826. Does That Make Him the Best Chess Player? What do you think? Post your response on our website! You can also e-mail ...

04 Oct

"Ukraine and Russia 1 Win Gold at the World Chess Olympiad 2010"

2010 World Chess Olympiad:  Final Report The national men’s team of Ukraine clinched the gold medal at the 39th World Chess Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk after the exciting final round in which top two pairings both played 2-2. Ukraine split ...

20 Sep

The 39th World Chess Olympiad: What A Wonderful Way to Celebrate Chess!

The Official Opening of the Olympiad took place on Monday, September 20th, 2010, in Khanty-Mansiysk. This event will take place from September 19 through October 4, 2010. From “The World Chess Olympiad 2010, the largest national teams event in ...

14 Sep

National Youth Action and K-12s Set for 2010

National Youth Action Championships November 5-7, Long Branch, NJ Ocean Place Resort and Spa The National Youth Action is a nine-round swiss with a G/30 time control, split up into four sections, K-12, K-9, K-6 and K-3. The main event ...

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