Important Update

The Grant Request period is currently closed.

We have received numerous grant requests and are currently in the review process. If you require further assistance regarding a grant request previously submitted, please send an email to

Requesting a Grant

How Do I Make A Request for Funds?

Two Methods to Request a Grant:

  1. Online Application – Complete an application online. Click Here for the Online Form.
  2. By Mail – Print out and complete an application form and mail the form to: U.S. Chess Trust ATT: Jim Eade P.O. Box 838 Wallkill, New York 12589. Print the U.S. Chess Trust Grant Form

Contact Email:  For grant specific questions, please send an email to

Types of Grants. Which one is right for you?

  • Chess Programs: Support for Chess Programs. This grant can also work in conjunction with the Chess-for-Youth Program.
  • Chess Project Grant: Often used to support activities associated with chess programs & projects for at-risk youth in inner city and rural areas of the United States
  • Chess Player Development Grants: To support young chess players so that they may continue to improve and excel in chess. This grant is designed to reward exceptional youngsters, and help them reach their potential as chess players and eventually become Grandmasters.
  • Support for Chess Tournament and/or Event Grant: Support for chess tournament or event to be held in the United States.
  • Chess Player Development Grants; To support young chess players continue to improve and excel in chess. This grant is designed to reward exceptional youngsters, and help them reach their potential as chess players and eventually become Grandmasters.
  • Chess for Vets: This works in conjunction with the Chess-for-Vets program.

U.S. Chess Trust Grant Request Process

  • Each grant will be reviewed to assure the request meets the guidelines.
  • All grants subject to approval.
  • If the grant does not meet the criteria the person requesting the grant will be notified.

Funding of Grants

Once a grant is approved a check will be sent payable to the person requesting the grant.

Using the Funds

Once a person receives the U.S. Chess Trust check, the person should purchase the approved items or use the funds for the project as described in the grant application form.

  • Funds must be used for the reasons stipulated in the grant application.
  • Funds must not be turned over to a student, parent, guardian, or family member.
  • Funds must be used as stipulated in the grant guidelines and application or returned to the U.S. Chess Trust.

Purchases for Chess Equipment and other related chess items.

  • Purchases should be made within 30 days of receipt of the U.S. Chess Trust check.


All receipts and remaining grant funds (if the total amount was not expended) should be sent to:

U.S. Chess Trust
P.O. Box 838
Wallkill, New York 12589

Do you have general questions about the U.S. Chess Trust?  Send an email to: For grant specific inquiries, please send an email to

U.S. Chess Trust Grant Guidelines

As with all Non-Profit organizations, guidelines must be in place to monitor the process and ensure that U.S. Chess Trust funds are used to the best of our ability.

  • Person requesting the grant must be an active member of the chess community and/or chess player located in the United States. Some exceptions can be made.
  • Funding must be pre-approved
  • Funds must be used for the purposes stipulated on the grant application as requested

The following list is to help you as you complete the grant request. If your request does not fit within these parameters and you would like some assistance in finding alternate
resources or support please feel free to contact us.  Each grant will be reviewed to ensure the request meets the guidelines.

Please keep in mind that funds are limited and all requests are subject to approval.


If you become an official recipient of a grant, what now?

Well, the first thing to do, once you’ve receive the check or other form of support is to send us an email confirming receipt of the support.  The next thing to do is to follow our reporting requirements. This varies according to the type of grant you received.

Please keep in mind that, by accepting grant money, the grantee agrees to provide financial documentation, in a format provided by the U.S. Chess Trust, on how the grant money was spent, and certifies that all I.R.S. regulations will be followed.

Follow Up Reports:

  • Monthly follow-up reports for Chess-for-Youth projects are required, with photos and/or video clips.
  • Follow-up reports are required for Chess Player Development Grants. We require four reports annually. Should you receive this grant, additional details will be sent to you regarding the dates and deadlines for submitting these reports.
  • Chess Tournament/Event follow-up report with complete details of the tournament/event including: List of chess players participating in event, tournament results, standings, prizes, photos, video clips, etc. Coverage for these type of events is required and due pre-game, during game coverage, and post game coverage.
  • General Project Report due within 1 week of the launch of project.
  • Itemized expense account of how the money was spent may be required.

There are deadlines for turning in these reports. If you receive a grant, you will receive PDF document stipulating the requirement for your type of grant.  It is very important that you keep the U.S. Chess Trust well-informed. We want to know that our donors funds are spent properly.  Please keep in mind that following these guidelines may help you secure future grants from the U.S. Chess Trust.

If you have any questions regarding the grant process or the status of your grant application, please send us an email at


Jim Eade
U.S. Chess Trust President

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