Hall of Fame Pic (Trust Chairman, Harold Winston 3rd from Left)
Hall of Fame Pic (Chairman, Harold Winston,  Right)


Chairman, Harold J. Winston

A magna cum laude graduate of Loyola University Law School in Chicago, Harold, has a tremendous amount of passion for Law, but, it is his passion for Chess that brought him to The U.S. Chess Trust.

“My specialty is post conviction cases and I have won new trials for persons convicted of murder in seven separate cases. I have argued to the Illinois Supreme Court and the Illinois Appellate Court, as well as in the trial court.”.

Harold has served as Chairman U.S. Chess Trust 2000-Present; President, U.S. Chess Trust 1999-2000. He first became a trustee in 1998.




Other Accomplishments:

  • USCF President 1987-1990
  • Served a total of 9 years on the USCF Policy Board (predecssor of the Executive Board)
  • Co-Chairman or Chairman, USCF Bylaws Committee 1991-present except for one year, also 1985-87
  • Organized Midwest Womens Open 1980-1987
  • Organized U.S. Amateur Team 1987
  • Organized US Intercollegiate 1968
  • Co-organizer Pan American Intercollegiate 1978
  • President, Intercollegiate Chess League of America 1972
  • Past president Chess Journalists of America
  • Past president of the Chicago Intercollegiate Chess League, University of Chicago Chess Club, and City College of NY Chess Club.

He’s a Class A player, briefly an expert, and won the decisive game in the 1968 US Intercollegiate that gave University of Chicago the championship !

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