Minutes of the August, 2014, US Chess Trust Meeting

Call to Order – The US Chess Trust held its 2014 annual meeting on Thursday, July 31, 2014, at the Rosen Centre Hotel in
Orlando, Florida. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Harold Winston at 4:16 PM. The audience at the meeting
included, but was not limited to the following individuals: Arthur Antler (NJ), Dewain Barber (CA/S), Frank DeMaro
(NY), Russell Harwood (TX), Jean Hoffman (TN), Susan Houston (TN), Alan Kantor (TN), Rachel Lieberman (AZ),
Daniel Lucas (GA), Joe Lux (NJ), Mike Nietman (WI), Frank Niro (KY), Jim Stallings (TX), Chuck Unruh (OK), and Gary
Walters (OH).

Call of the Roll – The following Trustees were in attendance by telephone (T) or in person (P): Stuart Chagrin (P), Leroy
Dubeck (P), Jim Eade (T), Mark Fins (T), Myron Lieberman (P), Beatriz Marinello (P), Tim Redman (T), Norm Saba (T),
Sunil Weeramantry (T), and Harold Winston (P). Harold Dondis, Steve Doyle, Shane Samole, and Rex Sinquefield were
not in attendance. Managing Director Barbara DeMaro was present in person.

A moment of silence was held in memory of Mitchell Denker, who passed away during the year.

Chairman’s Report – Chairman Harold Winston reported that both he and Barbara DeMaro were present and spoke at the
opening and closing ceremonies at the Denker, Barber, and National Girls Invitational (NGIT) tournaments. He noted that
Barbara DeMaro gave a very touching tribute to Mitchell Denker and that Mitchell Denker’s widow Jaye and son Dylan
were also present. Harold Winston announced that the Arnold and Mitchell Denker legacy will continue. He and Jaye
Denker will discuss what will be needed to continue support of the Denker Tournament. The special invitational
tournaments were well attended. There were 48 participants in the Barber, 46 participants in the Denker, and 45 participants
in the NGIT. Harold Winston presented a $500 certificate sponsored by Steve Shutt to the under 13 category in the Barber
tournament. Barbara DeMaro presented the Ursula Foster Award. Harold Winston referred to Page 10 of the 2014 USCF
Delegates’ Call, which he summarized at the meeting. If you do not have a copy you can get it as a .pdf file at
www.uschess.org/docs/gov/reports/2014-Delegates-Call3.pdf. Please read that part of the Chairman’s Report there. The Delegates’ Call includes the committee reports referred to in the Chairman’s Report. If you prefer, you can obtain an emailed copy of that Chairman’s Report from Secretary Myron Lieberman by request to azchess@cox.net. Harold Winston
applauded Trustees Jim Eade, Leroy Dubeck, Steve Doyle, Mark Fins, and Rex Sinquefield, whose contributions helped
allow the Chess Trust to join USCF in support of the North American Youth Championship. Harold Winston inducted
Abraham Kupchik and Jacqueline Piatigorski into the World Chess Hall of Fame. Under the authority of FIDE Vice
President Beatriz Marinello he also inducted Paul Keres and Maya Chiburdanidze into the World Chess Hall of fame. Other
topics detailed in the published Chairman’s Report included a description of the Chess Trust’s activities; Barbara DeMaro’s
retirement; congratulations to Samford fellows Daniel Naroditsky and Sam Shankland (Thanks to Frank P. Samford III for
his sponsorship of this award; Scholar-Chessplayer Award winners Jeevan Karamsetty, Varun Krishnan, Aleksandr
Ostrovsky, Arthur Shen and Atulya Shetty (Thanks to Sunil Weeramantry’s National Scholastic Chess Foundation for its
assistance with the Trust for sponsorship of this award.); The Collegiate Final Four (Thanks to Mike Hoffpauir, Booz Allen
Hamilton, and College Committee Chair Russell Harwood for their support of this event.); Welcome to two new Trustees
(Stuart Chagrin and Dr. Norman Saba) and thanks to all of the Trustees for their participation and ideas; The website
(thanks to Dora Leticia, Beatriz Marinello, and Jim Eade for their work with the website.); Solicitation of legacy donations;
and an invitation to this meeting. Harold Winston announced that the Trustees had voted unanimously to give Barbara
DeMaro the Dondis Award for her great service to the Trust over the years.

Museum Report – Harold Winston gave the Museum Report. He noted that the museum is flourishing in St. Louis. They
had 1,100 visitors and have now prepared a Bobby Fischer exhibit which will be on display for a year.

Managing Director’s Report – Barbara DeMaro presented the Managing Director’s Report. She expressed that “It has been
a pleasure working with the Trustees, the US Chess Trust, the USCF and chess for more than 30 years”. She then described
the honors and opportunities that chess has given her and thanked everyone for giving her the opportunity. She then
presented the highlights of the year, which included:

  • Worked with ATT to cut the cost of the conference call for the meeting.
  • Worked on legacy donations. She noted that Mitchell Denker left $25,000 to continue the Arnold Denker
    Tournament of High School Champions and that Jaye Denker donated an additional $500 this year in memory of
    Mitchell Denker. She asked anyone who wishes to make additional donations in Mitchell Denker’s memory to
    contact her. She introduced Jaye and Dylan Denker at the opening ceremony of the Denker Tournament and asked
    those present to donate to the Trust. The letter of Intent to enable legacy donations has continued to be placed in
    Chess Life.
  • Worked with Mike Hoffpauir of Booz Allen Hamilton to obtain a $7,500 grant for the Final Four of College Chess.
  • The “Say Yes to Chess” flyer is included with all packages shipped from US Chess Sales.
  • Worked with the Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for the Chess Trust to again be part of the
    Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) for donations, and we were again accepted. This provides a way for federal
    government employees to contribute to qualified charities of their choice and also an opportunity for corporations
    and CFC qualified charities to arrange for matching contributions. CFC contributions to the Trust accounted for
    about $17,000 this year.
  • Worked with USCF to streamline the process of providing free USCF memberships through the Trust.
  • Thanked Frank Samford for his generosity and long standing support of the Samford Fellowship, which the Trust

Please refer to the complete Managing Director’s Report, which is appended to these minutes, for other details including the
breakdown of contributions and expenses. Thanks, Barbara.

President’s Report – President Jim Eade noted that Chairman Harold Winston is the highest individual authority for the internal operation of the Trust and he, as President, is more outwardly focused. He deals more with the website, the newsletter, and other forms of communication. Jim Eade pointed out that our Managing Director, Barbara DeMaro was retiring and thanked her for her decade long service to the organization. He noted that the transition to a new Managing Director and anticipating and planning for the USCF’s new 501c3 status were his two primary focuses this year. The Trust established
a search committee consisting of Harold Winston, Leroy Dubeck, Myron Lieberman, Beatriz Marinello, Mark Fins and himself to conduct an ongoing review of candidates, including the interviews. He thanked them for their work. Jim Eade expressed his appreciation to Harold Winston for leading our efforts to work with the USCF to find the best way for both organizations to cooperate going forward. He assured everyone that the two organizations will continue to work together for the benefit of the chess community and society at large. He pointed out that passthrough donations, such as those for the Olympiad, may no longer be necessary since USCF as a 501c3 can now accept them directly. He noted that he wants the Trust to expand its efforts to provide opportunities to learn about and play chess for at risk children and others who may not otherwise experience the joy and skill sets that chess can bring to developing minds. He noted that we want to continue to support scholastic chess in general and also provide support and services at the other end of the age spectrum. He pointed out that there is evidence that chess can delay the onset of age related disease or dementia. There was a round of applause. The Chess Trust should be able to continue to work with children and provide services. This drew another round of applause.

Secretary’s Report – Secretary Myron Lieberman noted that the minutes of the 2013 meeting have already been approved and to save time that constituted his report. Harold Winston thanked Myron Lieberman for tracking the motions. Please note: The report of motions made by e-mail after the meeting through March of 2014 have also been approved. That report has been updated to include all motions made between the 2013 and 2014 meetings. That revision is being submitted for approval.

Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Leroy Dubeck noted that he tests the Audited Financial Statement, which was distributed to the Trustees, by independently attempting to come up with the same totals as the auditors. He found no problems and noted that we did run a surplus this year. The increase in Unrestricted Net Assets was $21,000 and the increase in Restricted Net Assets was $42,000. Investment interest, dividends, and appreciation produced growth of 8%. Leroy Dubeck considered both items reasonable and thanked Jim Eade who has done a lot of work on the investments. Harold Winston then moved the acceptance of the Audited Financial Statement. Leroy Dubeck seconded the motion.

CT15 – 01 (Harold Winston) – Move to approve the Auditor’s Report. PASSED 10 – 0

VP For Chess In Education Report – Tim Redman provided a summary report on the second Koltanowsky conference, which was held in November, 2011. He noted that the first conference targeted how chess affects learning in certain areas directly. The second conference came up with the idea that the positive effect of chess has to do with the way it enhances the character of people who are engaged in chess. He indicated that there is still money to publish a book of the conference but that
probably won’t happen for another year or two due to his commitments at the University (UTD). He stressed the idea that chess enhances character and that leads to good learning results and that there will be a conference book. The conference was co-sponsored by the US Chess Trust and the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). Harold Winston praised UTD for their role.

VP For Scholastic Chess Report – Sunil Weeramantry spoke about the Scholar Chessplayer Awards. He noted that response has been better this year. They have streamlined the process and established a timeline for submission of applications and processing. Sunil Weeramantry pointed out that much of the credit for that goes to Mike Hoffpauir. The Trust contributes $5,000 to the event. Sunil Weeramantry’s National Scholastic Chess Foundation has donated an additional $2,500 for several years and he indicated he will continue to provide that support in 2015. Sunil Weeramantry was thanked by Harold Winston and Jim Eade. Leroy Dubeck called for a round of applause, which was given.

Trust Newsletter and Website Report – Beatriz Marinello stated that there has not been too much done this year but that more will be done in the future.

Denker, Barber, and Girls Invitational (NGIT) Tournament Report – Harold Winston called on Dewain Barber to report on these events, which were summarized in the Chairman’s Report earlier. Dewain Barber thanked the Trustees and said it was a great pleasure to be at the opening and closing ceremonies and to be present at every round. for these events. He noted that the Denker included a record four 2400 rated players and fifteen Masters overall. Dewain Barber pointed out that the Trust has continued to be a great partner in these events. There were six Masters in grades 8 and below four years ago. Nine Masters participated in the Barber this year. This represents a “tremendous field of talent” that want to play in the Denker and the Barber. He also pointed out that the opportunity for young ladies at the NGIT was exciting as well. Dewain Barber stated that Steve Shutt has created a new event, the National State Team Scholastic Championship. Each state’s participants in the Denker, Barber and NGIT tournaments form a state team to compete in the new event. Dewain Barber pointed out that this is a way for all three of the state’s representatives to work together for the state. He then shared the trivia question he asked at the closing ceremony “What does the word “Denker” mean?” and announced this year’s winners.

Harold Winston thanked Dewain Barber and the Barber Family for their support, Jon Haskel for organizing the Barber, and Jennifer Skidmore and Jennifer Shahade for the NGIT.

Trustee Terms – Harold Winston called for Old Business. Hearing none, he introduced a motion to clarify the terms of Trustees, which was seconded by Leroy Dubeck. It would involve a change of wording in the Bylaws. The proposed new wording is as follows:

CT15 – 02 (Winston): “10. The trustees are elected for a 10 year term except the Scholastic VP is elected for a 5 year term. Trustees are eligible for re-election when their terms expire. The terms of the trustees in office on July 31, 2014, expire at the end of the annual meeting of trustees in the years set forth below:

2015: Harold Dondis, Myron Lieberman
2016: E. Steven Doyle, Timothy Redman, Shane Samole, Mark Fins
2017: Harold Winston, Leroy Dubeck, James Eade, Beatriz Marinello, Sunil Weeramantry (scholastic)
2020: Rex Sinquefield
2023: Stuart Chagrin, Norman Saba” PASSED 10 – 0

USCF 501 (c) (3) and the Trust Status – Harold Winston noted that the now that the USCF has its own 501 (c) (3) status, the Trustees that were present and Managing Director Barbara DeMaro met with the USCF Executive Board to discuss how the two organizations can most effectively cooperate. The Trust’s future emphasis will be to focus on the scholastic chess area as well as helping the needs of seniors, in particular to support studies and research into the use of chess to moderate the effects of
Alzheimer’s. Both organizations have indicated that they can work together.

Harold Winston noted that the Dondis Award has already been covered. Please note: The Dondis Award was awarded to Barbara DeMaro by e-mail prior to the meeting.

Grant Requests – Harold Winston mentioned that The Chicago Chess Center has requested funds for a local project as did another group in Ohio. It was noted that matching funds might be considered as an option. Tim Redman cautioned that we cannot afford to fund all of the various grant requests we might receive. He suggested that the funding should be local but that the Trust should be able to help by establishing a procedure for any local organizer to use. Sunil Weeramantry noted that the Trust needs to have a clear brand by which it can be differentiated from USCF by donors and that funding local projects here and there does nothing to develop an identity for the Trust. He noted, however, that the Trust could have a program that supports a particular activity (such as chess programs in libraries) nationwide that could help develop its brand. Harold Winston stated that it was clear that no action would be taken at the meeting and that discussion should be continued by email. The Board agreed. Jim Eade suggested that two Trustees should take the handling of grant requests as a project and they
should provide a report for the Trustees to consider. No committee was formed at this time.

2014 – 2015 Budget – Harold Winston then called on Treasurer Leroy Dubeck to present the budget, which was provided to the Trustees before the meeting. Leroy Dubeck stated that there are almost no changes between the 2013 – 2014 budget and the proposed new 2014 – 2015 budget for two reasons. First, this is the second year of a two year agreement between the Trust and USCF to spend a certain amount of money for certain programs over a two year period. The expense for the Insurance and
Administration line is higher because of the search for and hiring of a new Managing Director. The new Managing Director will start January 1, 2015. It was noted that if the new Managing Director is hired earlier and starts earlier, the cost goes up by $2,000 per month. Lines for Insurance and Administration would probably overrun.

The proposed budget for 2014 – 2015 is as follows:

Hall of Fame Induction 1,000
World Youth 10,000
Pan Am Intercollegiate 1,000
Denker 1,200 (plus donations from Denker legacy)
Barber 1,000 (plus donations)
Chess sets 2,000
USCF Memberships 800 (needy kids)
World Junior 1,000
National Girls 1,000
US Blind 1,000
Scholar Chessplayer 5,000 (plus donation from Weeramantry)
TOTAL 25,000

Website 7,600

Insurance / Admin 37,800 (6,000 increase)
D & O 1,200
Other Admin Expenses 11,000
Audit 6,500 (300 increase)
Mailing 7,500
Shipping and Handling 1,000
TOTAL FIXED 65,000 (6,300 increase)
TOTAL TRUST 97,600 (plus donations & pass through amounts for scholarships)

Harold Winston pointed out that Leroy Dubeck has done a good job and noted that the Trustees are sure to understand if a couple of line items are exceeded. Barbara DeMaro asked about the transition, after which Leroy Dubeck moved to adopt the budget. Harold Winston seconded the motion.

CT15 – 03 – Dubeck – Move to adopt the budget. PASSED 10 – 0

The next item on the agenda was the Managing Director transition. Harold Winston noted that it had already been covered and a process was in place. He then called for new business.

New Business

Oral History – Harold Winston said that he was impressed by the museum’s Jacqueline Piatagorsky exhibit and oral history. He talked to the museum and they are interested in more oral history. He also talked to Dan Lucas, who was also interested. Harold Winston noted that there are many people who need oral history interviews that can still be accomplished. He pointed to Pal Benko, Arthur Bisguier and other players as well as former Presidents and Executive Directors as examples. He stressed that it is important for American chess to record its history. Players, former Presidents and Executive Directors need to be interviewed. He emphasized that that he is not asking for money and believes that the Trustees would be interested. He is asking for an oral history of American chess. Tim Redman clarified that it would be an oral history of American Chess, not of the Trust. Harold Winston confirmed that, however noting an interview with Harold Dondis should be held. Tim Redman stated that that must be done. He noted that first and foremost someone needs to talk to Harold Dondis at length. Leroy Dubeck introduced the following motion, seconded by Harold Winston:

CT15 – 04 – Dubeck – I Propose a three person committee on oral history to be made up of Harold Winston, Tim Redman, and Beatriz Marinello. They will look at this and discuss it, and determine who will do the oral history. PASSED 10 – 0 All committee nominees agreed to serve.

Chicago Grant Request – Bill Brock then addressed the Trustees regarding questions related to the Chicago grant request discussed earlier. Harold Winston told him that the Trustees have voted to not make a decision at this meeting. Bill Brock noted that the situation with the public schools in Chicago is particularly complicated. He referred to it as a “political landmine”. Tim Redman replied that he is glad that Bill Brock came but he doesn’t see how the situation with the public schools in Chicago is any more complicated than in Dallas. He believes that the request is too local and that the Trust does not have the funds to fund local programs. He mentioned Sunil Weeramantry’s idea that if it is part of an appropriate nationwide program (such as the library initiative described earlier) funding for a local program may be possible. Bill Brock said that he understands. He then addressed fundraising.

Fundraising – Bill Brock suggested that perhaps donations could be solicited jointly by the Trust and USCF with the donor determining how the donation is to be split between USCF, the Chess Trust, and possibly state or local 501 ( c )( 3) organizations. He noted that this would provide “one stop shopping” for donors and would enable both organizations to work together to a common goal. Harold Winston asked for comments, noting that nothing had been submitted in writing. Jim Eade suggested that it be submitted in writing before they comment.

Trustee Pledges – The next item of business was pledges. Trustees pledged the following amounts, to be matched by the Delegates:

Harold Dondis – $2,000
Harold Winston – $600
Jim Eade – $1,000
Tim Redman – $500
Norm Saba – $1,000
Stuart Chagrin – $1,000
Myron Lieberman – $300
Leroy Dubeck – $1,000 over one year
Beatriz Marinello – $500

Election of Officers – Tim Redman proposed all officers be re-elected, seconded by Harold Winston.

CT15 – 05 – Redman – Re-elect all Officers. PASSED 10 – 0

Leroy Dubeck moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Tim Redman.

CT15 – 06 – Dubeck – Move to adjourn. PASSED 10 – 0

The meeting was adjourned at 5:19 PM.

APPENDIX A – Managing Director’s Report

Since this will be my last meeting, I would like to say it has been a pleasure working with the Trustees, the U.S. Chess Trust, USCF and chess for more than 30 years!

Chess gave me the opportunity to obtain ESPN coverage for the X3D Garry Kasparov match, get young chess masters on
ABC Live with Regis & Kathie and 10 years later with Regis and Kelly, meeting U.S. Supreme Court Justices, Senators, members of Congress, bringing cappuccino to Dr. Henry Kissinger at his office in NYC, and meeting President Gorbachev.

Working with FIDE in bringing the World Chess Championship to the U.S. at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas was simply amazing.

And as a way of saying thanks FIDE brought me to the Russia vs the World chess match that was one of my most memorable trips. At this match I was kissed by more World Champions at one time in one place. Chess has brought to me many acquaintances, fun times, and dear friends.

I am honored to have worked with Harold Dondis for all these years. Through him I learned so much about chess and law from one of the greatest men I know. He has been my mentor and a very, very dear friend and that friendship will never end. There is a soft spot in my heart for chess that will remain forever. Thanks again to everyone for these opportunities.

Now on to my report…


ATT – This year I worked with AT& T and saved $1.04 per minute on our conference call.

Denker Legacy – Over the years I have worked with and discussed leaving a legacy to the Chess Trust with the
Denker family. I am delighted that Mitchell Denker has left $25,000 to continue the Denker High School Tournament of
Champions for years to come. Thanks to his wife Jaye and son Dylan for making sure Mitchell’s wishes were followed
through. An additional award of $500 was given by Jaye this year in memory of Mitchell. Anyone who would like to make a
donation in Mitchell’s memory, please contact me after the meeting. I was delighted to be able to carry on the tradition of
walking the tournament hall with Dylan as the 3rd generation of Denkers. I spoke at the opening ceremony about Mitchell,
introduced Jaye and Dylan and explained to the participants that there would always be a place in my heart for each and
every Denker player. And to please continue to Say Yes to Chess and donate to the U.S. Chess Trust.

Earmarked donations – This past year I worked with Mike Hoffpauir of Booz Allen Hamilton in obtaining a
$7,500 grant through their website.

Say Yes to Chess – This flyer that I introduced at the SuperNationals years back continues to be
inserted in all USCF sales packages that are shipped out. This has resulted in several new donors.

Wills – The Letter of Intent that I put together back in 2003 has continued to be placed in
Chess Life. This gives donors the opportunity to leave a legacy to the Trust, We continue to see results.

CFC Donations – The U.S. Chess Trust stands alone on the OPM (Office of Personnel Management, Washington,
DC) website along with The American Red Cross, one of the first participating charities that began in 1946. The number of
contributors for CFC for 2013 totaled $209.7 million. The Trust receives direct donations of ~$20,000. I have and
continued to set up EFTs, (electronic fund transfers) directly to the Chess Trust bank account of payments from federal
employees through CFC, United Way and state employee campaigns. I work with corporate entities, i.e., AT&T, Aetna, GE
and others regarding matching donations. Network for Good, Your Cause and EBay are other entities that I have gotten
involved with for the Trust. Our percentage with CFC regarding admin to revenue is $13%, which is excellent. Donors
like to see a lower percentage. Anything over 25% needs an explanation.

Annual Budget – Since I began working for the Trust we have been on target for the budget.

Board Accountability – Special requests are handled in a timely fashion. Monthly reports of checks written are
sent to the Treasurer, Chairman, and Chairman Emeritus.

Website – Requests that I do receive are handled quickly and efficiently. There have been issues where requests
have come in that I did not receive. However, once these requests are forwarded directly to me they receive timely
responses. I have asked that the website notes only my bduscf@aol.com email. Any requests through the website should
come directly to bduscf@aol.com rather than info@uschesstrust.org to resolve this problem.

Free Memberships – Both USCF and I have streamlined the process of free memberships through the Trust. USCF
memberships for needy kids benefit both the Trust and USCF. Savings for the Trust and increased memberships for USCF.

Ads in Chess Life – Ads that I put together over the years have continued in Chess Life, (Letter of Intent, Say Yes
to Chess, Matching Gift Program, Donate to CT website, to name a few)U.S. Open & other tournament program booklets,
and I worked with USCF sales in placing flyers in all USCF sales shipments. The “Say Yes to Chess” flyer continues
through today to be placed in USCF sales shipments as well as the previous mentioned ads.

In August of 2003 I implemented the Letter of Intent Will program, and promoted the Will program in our annual letter and
every issue of Chess Life explaining to members and others how to make provisions in their Wills to the Trust. Results of
these efforts are continuing. I have followed up with phone calls to several donors, some who want to remain anonymous in
explaining how the Trust can be included in their Will.

CONTRIBUTIONS – Total Contributions were $110,223 compared to $103,189 for last year. The Trust continues
to remain consistent and do well considering the struggling economy.

The Nearing Will increased again this year by $1,538 vs last year. Over the last two years Nearing has increased by $3,100.

Again this past year I received another Booz Hamilton donation for $7,500. Thanks to Mike Hoffpauir for his assistance in
submitting the grant.

Frank Samford has continued with two fellows, Shankland and Naroditsky for the 2014 Samford Fellowship @ $42,000 per
year each.

General $103,342.00
CFC and electronic transfers ~$17,000.00
Patron 100.00
Ursula Foster Scholarship 1,000.00
Nearing 6,880.62
Booz Allen Hamilton 7,500.00
Olympiad donations through CT 2,310.00


Chess sets and boards w/postage – 262 Sets were distributed to various states some include NC, MI, MN, IL, HI, KS, CA,
MA, IL, TX, OR, NM, FL, MO, and WA. Thanks again to USCF Sales for handling our chess equipment needs so efficiently and quickly. Note: I have enclosed a letter to every teacher/volunteer with each shipment of chess equipment thanking them for starting a chess program. The letter encourages them to “Say Yes to Chess” and ask potential donors to donate to the U.S. Chess Trust to help keep the programs going forward.

80 scholastic & youth memberships to needy kids distributed to various states throughout the US. Prison memberships were
also funded.

Denker/Barber $10,101
Scholar Chessplayer $ 9,000
World Jr. $ 1,000*
World Youth $10,000*
Pan Am Intercollegiate $ 1,000*
U.S. Blind $ 1,000*
Pan Am Youth $ 500*
NGIT $ 1,000
Collegiate Final Four
North American Open $ 5,000**
Audit (incurred added fees due to changes made to 990s) $ 8,730
*paid USCF in July 2013 & Jan 2014
**paid Beatriz Marinello

Note that the $11K on budget is not all for administration expenses, it also includes reimbursements for program services.

Through the generosity of Frank Samford, as administrator for the Samford Fellowship we paid out $95,976 this past year.
We continue to value and thank Frank Samford for his long standing support of this prestigious fellowship.

  • Continue to make telephone calls to large donors, and past donors thanking them and getting increased donations. Thank
    you, sympathy cards and notes are sent.

Wills—Letter of Intent ad that I put together many years ago continues to get results. Large donors are called
immediately. Many of these donors I have offered to meet with for lunch or dinner whenever they come to New York. Some
of these donors have made this same offer should I visit their state.

US Open—At each year’s annual meeting, I set up meetings and talk with current donors & past donors to discuss
our Legacy program and answer any questions they may have. I do this also throughout the workshop meetings. Prior to the
start of the Delegates’ meeting I talk with the delegates one on one.

  • Ads in US Open program booklets and ads in Chess Life promoting the website and promoting the Letter of Intent to get
    legacy donations.
  • Dondis Award
  • Scholastics— As I continue to mention, we need to do more with this untapped market and need your help with your
    scholastic contacts and friends. For years now I have included the Denker and Samford parents in our annual appeal.
  • Trustees—Again, I suggest that each member of the Board contact 5 of their friends and/or family and request a donation
    to the Trust.

Again the application that I submitted was accepted for the 2014 CFC campaign. CFC is the world’s largest and most
successful annual workplace charity campaign, with more than 200 CFC campaigns throughout the country and internationally to help to raise millions of dollars each year. Pledges made by Federal civilian, postal and military donors during the campaign season (September 1st to December 15th) support eligible non-profit organizations that provide health and human service benefits throughout the world. Pledges made by Federal civilian, postal and military donors during the campaign season (September 1st to December 15th) support eligible non-profit organizations that provide health and human service benefits throughout the world. The CFC today is known to be the most inclusive workplace giving campaign in the world with the number of participating charities estimated at over 20,000 nonprofit charitable organizations worldwide. The charities supported through the CFC range from nascent community groups to large, well-known charities.

Priorities continue to be

  1. Submission of financial data and follow up with auditors re audit/990s and coordination and follow up for all filings.
  2. Processing of Chess Trust donations
    a. sending thank you letters
    b. maintaining donor base
    c. maintaining Chess Life donor list
  3. Receipting and making deposits to the bank
    – balancing bank statements
    – maintaining CRs and disbursement spreadsheets in Excel and Quick Books
  4. Administration of Samford fellowship
    a. sending monthly stipends
    b. approval and sending expense reimbursements
    c. coordinating and liaison with Frank Samford and Allen Kaufman
    d. responding to emails to fellows etc
  5. Processing requests for chess sets and memberships
    a. coordination with USCF sales re shipments maintaining, approving and sending memberships to eligible schools
    b. tracking amount owed USCF for free memberships
  6. Respond to all emails forwarded by USCF.
  7. Respond to all calls re equipment to schools, prisons, hospitals, memberships, Wills, etc
  8. Fundraising/Publicity


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