Due to a delay caused by telephone issues related to a storm in the area the meeting was called to order at 04:10 PM at the Indianapolis Marriott East Hotel by Chairman Harold Winston. Although a roll call was taken when the conference call was initiated, the people present in person had not yet been connected, so a new roll call was taken as the start of the meeting. Chairman Harold Winston, Secretary Myron Lieberman, Trustee Beatriz Marinello and Managing Director Al Lawrence were present in person. President Jim Eade, President Emeritus Shane Samole, Treasurer Leroy Dubeck, Vice President for Chess in Education Tim Redman, and Trustees Steve Doyle, Stuart Chagrin, and Norman Saba were present by phone. Vice President for Scholastic Chess Sunil Weeramantry and Trustee Rex Sinquefield did not answer at roll call. Sunil Weeramantry was connected by phone later in the meeting. The audience at the meeting in Indianapolis included but was not limited to Dewain Barber, Maureen Grimaud, Russell Harwood, Richard Koepcke, Rachel Lieberman, Mike Nietman, Garrett Scott, Jim Stallings, and Chuck Unruh. Harold Winston then presented the Chairman’s Report.

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT – Harold Winston noted that this has been a very busy year for the Trust.

Invitational Tournaments of Champions – Harold Winston pointed out that the invitational tournaments (Denker, Barber and National Girls Tournaments of Champions) were very successful. There were 48 participants in the Barber, 46 in the Denker and 44 in the NGIT. He acknowledged the hard work of Dewain Barber, Steve Shutt and Jon Haskel. He noted that the opening and closing ceremonies went very well and took a lot less time than usual. He pointed out that Al Lawrence was the MC and that was a big help. Harold Winston said he gave his usual talk about the Trust, Arnold Denker and Dewain Barber. He praised the work of the Women’s Committee co-chaired by Maureen Grimaud and Janelle Losoff. He pointed out that they had the great idea to have a Meet and Greet period for the players only. It was held and was very well received with 88 of the 138 players in total participating. Harold Winston noted that a couple of coaches came up to him and thanked the Trust for supplying chess sets that helped them get their school programs started.

Transition – Harold Winston then pointed out that this year we had a transition (of managing directors). Al Lawrence became the Trust’s Managing Director. Former Managing Director Barbara DeMaro was very cooperative and helpful with the transition. Al Lawrence corroborated that and indicated that Barbara DeMaro remains a volunteer resource for the Trust. Al Lawrence said that it was an educational and informative transition and pointed out that there will always be some things that take a little longer when someone new is doing them. Other than an occasional delay Al Lawrence believes that we made the transition without any problems.

Harold Winston said that on April 7 he was in St. Louis for the opening ceremony of the US Championship. He spoke about the Trust there and inducted Gata Kamsky and Maurice Ashley into the Hall of Fame. The next morning he had breakfast with Rex Sinquefield. Al Lawrence was also there and they had a number of meetings with museum officials and toured the museum. He noted that usually he relies on President Jim Eade and Treasurer Leroy Dubeck for advice. They were always forthcoming and very helpful. Harold Winston indicated that he would talk later about the Trust’s relations with USCF. He noted that he and Al Lawrence had a meeting the previous night with Gary Walters and Jean Hoffman and solved some of the problems.

World Chess Hall of Fame and Museum (HOF) – Harold Winston indicated that the attendance at the HOF in the last 12 months was 10,100 and attendance since it started (in 2011) was 51,629. They welcomed their 50,000th visitor on March 15. One of their exhibits (Kings, Queens and Castles) will be traveling to other children’s museums. He listed the Fall lineup of exhibits that will start S eptember 29at the Museum. Harold Winston indicated that he and Al Lawrence were treated very well at the HOF and urged people who have not been there yet to visit the World Chess Hall of Fame.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT – President Jim Eade expressed his appreciation and gratitude for his fellow Trustees and colleagues for what they do and gave special thanks to the Trust officers. He noted that Chairman Harold Winston is a long time leader and handles the routine business of the Trust and pointed to the negotiations with USCF as an example. Jim Eade described Treasurer Leroy Dubeck as very capable and very trustworthy and as a steady and calming voice. He affirmed that Leroy Dubeck handles all of the Trust’s financial requirements. Jim Eade thanked Secretary Myron Lieberman for modifying and improving the Trust’s record keeping and described him as a consistently reliable source for keeping track of the Trust’s history. Jim Eade thanked Managing Director Al Lawrence and indicated that Al Lawrence got up to speed very quickly and is very competent in how he handles representing the Trust. He has done well in maintaining the current donors and sponsors as well as maintaining a relationship with individuals. He always keeps us in a positive light when working with representatives of other organizations.

Jim Eade referred to this as an odd year, noting that we had three Managing Directors on our payroll at one time or another which inflated our administrative costs. He pointed out that the market has been very volatile, which we can’t control, and that the Treasurer will address that in his report. Jim Eade pointed out that donations have been up and he is expecting a very good year.

SECRETARY’S REPORT – Secretary Myron Lieberman reported that the minutes of the 2015 meeting and motions file were approved by e-mail. Harold Winston thanked Myron Lieberman and noted that the motions files have been very helpful.

Please note that any motions that may have been made between approval of the 2015 motions file and the meeting will be documented in a new revision of the 2015 motions file, which will be circulated separately. Any motions that have been made since the 2016 meeting will be documented in a new 2016 motions file, which will include motions from this meeting.

TREASURER’S REPORT – The auditor’s report and a budget had been distributed to the Trustees. Treasurer Leroy Dubeck said he was going to cover both the financial report and the budget and asked that everyone have in front of them the audited financial report and the minutes of the 2015 meeting, where his budget was provided as Appendix A. Copies of the budget were also available at the meeting if anyone needed them. Leroy Dubeck noted that we have both restricted and unrestricted net assets. Page 3 of the auditor’s report lists $69,300 in temporarily restricted assets (which are summarized on page 8 as the Harry Lyman Fund, The Frank Samford Jr. Chess Fellowship and the Mitchell Denker Fund) for 2016. Leroy Dubeck pointed out that the Barber Fund did not exist as of May 31, 2016, which is the end of our Fiscal Year and that his calculations agree with the auditors to the dollar. Page 3 lists unrestricted net assets as $632,563 for 2016 and $646,563 for 2015. Leroy Dubeck indicated that his numbers differed by about $500 but that it is not a concern. He noted that he simply checks bank statements as a rough check and the auditor’s numbers will be more correct. He stated that he is confident the auditors did a good job and that the report accurately reflects the status of our finances. He then moved the approval of the Auditor’s report. Harold Winston seconded.

Motion 16-001 – Dubeck – We accept the Auditor’s Report for Fiscal Year 2016. PASSED by UNANIMOUS Voice Vote.

Leroy Dubeck stated that there are two revenue lines on page 4 of the auditor’s report that may change for next year. The first is appreciation/depreciation of investments of unrestricted net assets. Page 4 shows a depreciation of $22,642 for 2016 and an appreciation of $404 for 2015. Leroy Dubeck pointed out that we have no control over investment volatility and he read the depreciation numbers for 2013 and 2014 to emphasize the volatility. He also noted that in the two months between May 31, 2016, and the meeting there was an appreciation of $16,130. His assumption is that we won’t lose $22,000 next year and budgeted with no appreciation or depreciation. The other revenue area where change is likely is contributions. Page 4 shows unrestricted contributions were $116,368 in 2016, up from $93,746 in 2015. Leroy Dubeck pointed out that the 2016 figure includes a $15,000 bequest from Harold Dondis. He noted that if we don’t have the $22,000 loss or the $15,000 gain there would be a net increase in unrestricted revenue of about $7,000. He also noted that the ongoing negotiations with USCF could reduce both contribution revenue and expense, but is only removing $15,000 from contribution revenue. One issue that will be affected by the negotiations is access to the USCF mailing list. He noted that we mail to about 10,000 people at a cost of about $8,000. We also mail to our own lists, which include everyone who has given the Trust a penny or more in the past. Our contribution revenue may drop as we may not get new contributors without the USCF list, but we will save on the expense side.

Leroy Dubeck raised the question about whether we should have a small investment committee. He noted that we have made no changes in investments in the last two years. After discussion Leroy Dubeck moved to establish the committee with Jim Eade as Chairman and Steve Doyle and Stuart Chagrin as members. Seconded by Harold Winston.

Motion 16-002 – Dubeck – Nominate Jim Eade, Steve Doyle and Stuart Chagrin to serve on an Investment Committee to be chaired by Jim Eade. PASSED by UNANIMOUS Voice Vote.

Leroy Dubeck then focused attention on the budget. He pointed out that we had spent more than normal for Administration because of having multiple Managing Directors on the payroll during the fiscal year. He estimated that for next year, with only one Managing Director on the payroll, the Insurance/Administration expense line should be about $20,000 lower.

Leroy Dubeck said that Managing Director Al Lawrence has been “fantastic” and that he should be given a raise for two years at $36,000 per year. His current annual salary is $25,000. Part of this fiscal year, however, has already passed, so instead of an increase of $11,000 for each of two years it should only be $9,000 for the 2016 -17 budget and $11,000 for fiscal 2017-18. Harold Winston moved the raise. Leroy Dubeck seconded it.

Motion CT16-003 – Winston – Retain Al Lawrence for two years at a salary of $3,000/month for $36,000/year effective September, 01, 2016. PASSED by UNANIMOUS Voice Vote.

Leroy Dubeck then focused on the financial aspects of the upcoming World Chess Championship in New York. He noted that this is not an annual event in the US and pointed out that we are fortunate that FIDE Vice President Beatriz Marinello is involved with it. She proposed that we run a Chess in Education Symposium at the same location in the mornings before the FIDE World Chess Championship games. Leroy Dubeck pointed out that New York is a major media center and this could maximize the publicity that we get. She requested $5,000 from the Trust to support the Chess in Education Symposium. Leroy Dubeck indicated he would earmark his donation this year to that event. Steve Doyle asked how the $5,000 would be spent. Leroy Dubeck replied that there would be six presenters at the event, scheduled at two per day for three days. They would receive $500 each but all of their expenses would come out of the $500. That amounts to $3,000. Leroy Dubeck asked if Beatriz Marinello would care to add more details. Beatriz Marinello thanked Steve Doyle for the question and mentioned that it would cover other expenses such as refreshments for presenters, souvenirs and other items. She said she will provide a detailed bid but that the total might still not be sufficient. She asked if donations to the Chess in Education Symposium made through other efforts can be submitted through the Trust and pointed out that all donors would get receipts and the funds would remain in the Trust until spent. The response was very favorable. Harold Winston then moved to accept donations earmarked for the Chess in Education Symposium. Leroy Dubeck seconded.

Motion CT16-004 – Winston – The Trust will accept donations earmarked for the Chess in Education Symposium to be held with the World Championship. PASSED by UNANIMOUS Voice Vote.

Jim Eade and Tim Redman indicated that they will earmark $1000 of their donations this year for the Chess in Education Symposium. Harold Winston then moved the $5,000 Trust donation to the event (No second but obvious approval).

Motion CT16-005 – Winston – Budget $5,000 for the Chess in Education Symposium. PASSED by UNANIMOUS Voice Vote.

Leroy Dubeck pointed out that there are two other costs associated with the World Championship. Al Lawrence has offered to drive to the World Championship site. If he does, there will be travel expenses. Leroy Dubeck explained that Al Lawrence would have access to many people who have come for the World Championship and that could include potential donors. He commented that Al Lawrence is very good in those situations and said we should have some additional money available for this. Leroy Dubeck also explained that when he proposed reducing the Insurance/Administration budget line it didn’t take into account that Al Lawrence could be spending several days in New York where hotel expenses are high. He asked Al Lawrence for his comments. Al Lawrence suggested that it would be best if he were there not only for the three days of the symposium but for other contacts at the World Championship as well. He also indicated he could commute. He didn’t have a firm number. Tim Redman suggested $2,000. Leroy Dubeck suggested raising it to $3,000 as he knows what NYC costs are like. Harold Winston moved $3,000. Leroy Dubeck seconded.

Motion CT16-006 – Winston – Budget $3,000 for Al Lawrence’s expenses at the Chess in Education Symposium and the World Championship. PASSED by UNANIMOUS Voice Vote.

Leroy Dubeck said that the other related cost was for a banner. While he listed it as an item under the World Championship, the intent was for wider use. Al Lawrence had indicated that he wanted to develop new materials such as a new banner and new logo. He suggested a cost of $2,000. Leroy Dubeck moved the expense of $2,000. Harold Winston seconded.

Motion CT16-007 Dubeck – Budget $2,000 for development of new banner and logo. PASSED by UNANIMOUS Voice Vote.

Leroy Dubeck stated that the final budget would show about $1,000 less in expenses. The uncertainties in revenue from investments and contributions in the budget are not predictable but we can live with it. Steve Doyle pointed out the positives of holding a special event in connection with the World Championship and having a presence there. He would like to see the corpus grow and suggested not to spend any more of any projected surplus. Sunil Weeramantry asked if we have a guarantee that we can put up signage at the event. He noted that getting them to allow posting a banner would be very dificult. Beatriz Marinello replied that we cannot put any signage there. The sense of the group was that the expense is worthwhile anyway. Jim Eade noted that the possibility of reduced mailing costs is a move in the right direction. Harold Winston moved to accept the budget. Myron Lieberman and Jim Eade seconded simultaneously.

Motion CT16-008 – Winston – I move the adoption of the Budget. PASSED by UNANIMOUS Voice Vote.

Steve Doyle pointed out that when the World Championship was held in Las Vegas in 1999 the Chess Trust, US Chess and FIDE banners were all hanging at all times. He asked if Beatriz could get that done. He said that he worked it out with Kirsan directly and maybe she could do the same. Beatriz Marinello said that next Monday or Tuesday an announcement would be made about the location and the World Championship website would be launched. Major media will be present. She said that if we could get the logo there it would be fantastic. Please note: The website is online and is remarkable in many ways. While Beatriz Marinello did a good job in describing it, the technology involved is better seen than described, so you might want to visit https://worldchess.com/nyc2016/.

MOMENT OF SILENCE – Harold Winston then called for a moment of silence for Harold Dondis. He noted that our founder and long time Chairman Harold Dondis died in December. Harold Winston said that Harold Dondis did so much to build the Trust and was Chairman until 2000 when he asked Harold Winston to take over as Chairman. Please note that Harold Dondis remained on the Board as Chairman Emeritus until his death. After Harold Winston’s comments a moment of silence took place.

REPORT OF THE VICE PRESIDENT OF CHESS IN EDUCATION – Tim Redman said that continuing business is the publication of selected essays from the Second Koltanowski Conference. He was unable to get it printed yet due to a serious personal loss, but all of the talk summaries are available online at the www.utdallas.edu/chess website. Tim Redman complimented Al Lawrence for his book review and interview of Prof. Gary Alan Fine in the article “Overlapping Worlds” published in the December, 2015, issue of “Chess Life”. Thanks to Al Lawrence for the article. Tim Redman pointed out that the biggest thing for Chess in Education from his perspective this year was the publication of the book Players and Pawns: How Chess Builds Community and Culture, by Prof. Gary Alan Fine (which was the subject of the “Overlapping Worlds” article). Tim Redman referred to the book as probably the most important book as it is about the sociology of chess. He noted that it would be of considerable interest to advanced coaches and teachers of chess and that it is extremely important and completely and directly relevant to Chess in Education. Tim Redman then congratulated Jim Eade for being named Chess Educator of the Year by UT Dallas. Harold Winston asked for and received a round of applause for Jim Eade.

REPORT OF THE VICE PRESIDENT OF SCHOLASTIC CHESS – Sunil Weeramantry said we are very happy to see that Al Lawrence and Dewain Barber have been able to get together to work on the Barber Trust. He pointed out that it will definitely impact scholastic chess in a positive way. He thanked Dewain Barber for everything he is doing in funding this program now and for years to come. Harold Winston asked for and received a round of applause for Dewain Barber. Sunil Weeramantry announced that he was continuing his support of the Scholar Chessplayer Award and that the Trust can count on his $2,500 contribution for next year. Harold Winston thanked Sunil Weeramantry and explained that The Trust contributes $5,000 and Sunil Weeramantry’s National Scholastic Chess Foundation contributes $2,500 which allows five $1,500 scholarships to be given.

WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA – Harold Winston asked for an update on the Chess Trust Newsletter and Facebook. Jim Eade referred the inquiry to Al Lawrence, whom he indicated has been taking over on social media and has really improved it. Al Lawrence said that we have revamped our Facebook page. He noted that it had an image of Bobby Fischer kissing a horse for years and was unsure of its promotional value so the image has been changed to pictures of some of our award winning youngsters in Dewain Barber’s Invitational event. Al Lawrence pointed out that we have sent blasts from Facebook. We have seen 200 more followers and he sees new followers every day. He said that we have come a long way with that and need to go farther. We are posting articles on the website as well and we have been trying to link those so that they appear on both Facebook and the website.

RELATIONS WITH USCF – Harold Winston then brought up relations with USCF (US Chess). He mentioned that he and Al Lawrence met with US Chess President Gary Walters and US Chess Executive Director Jean Hoffman last night. They discussed a number of the topics that came up in the phone call earlier in the year. He indicated that there was a misunderstanding on the call and that Gary Walters was not saying that the Trust would not be free to accept donations that are not earmarked. He also pointed out that while US Chess didn’t see how the Trust’s donating chess sets and boards directly helps US Chess they will allow Harold to mention the amount of those donations in his report to the Delegates. Harold Winston described both of those developments as positive. He pointed out, however, that in the past he always talked at the opening ceremony of the Super Nationals and presented the certificates for the Scholar Chessplayer award there. They claimed that they would be too pressed for time to allow it, however he could present the certificates and talk about the Trust before the start of a later round. One area of continued disagreement was access to the US Chess mailing address list. US Chess is concerned that both organizations could be competing for charitable donations and therefore they shouldn’t share the mailing list with the Trust. Tim Redman asked how much money US Chess has received through their 501(c)(3).

Harold Winston said that he had heard $65,000, however he said that as much as $30,000 of that may have been from Two Sigma for jackets for players in the World Youth. Harold Winston believes we can still move forward. He noted that we have our own list of supporters that we can mail to as well as other address lists from other sources. He feels that the Trust is well established in the minds of people who have donated for years and they feel that they are getting value. Harold Winston noted that as new people get on the US Chess Executive Board, the Executive Board may feel differently in the future. He then asked if Al Lawrence had anything to add. Al Lawrence said that the mailing was our annual appeal, which goes out in the fall to the US Chess mailing list and noted that Leroy Dubeck has addressed that issue in his budgeting. As for donations here at the US Open, Al Lawrence said to feel free to open your checkbook. Harold Winston confirmed that they have already received three donations at the US Open.

INNER CITY CHESS – Harold Winston asked Steve Doyle to say a few words about a program for inner city children in Camden, NJ, for which the Trust had voted to accept donations. Steve Doyle said that it was a great program. Camden is a difficult city. Inner city kids got good chess time and it was well received. He thanked the Trust for its support. It was a good opportunity to work with the Rensselaer Foundation. Harold Winston and Jim Eade thanked Steve Doyle for bringing this to our attention. Please note that Rensselaer received a six figure grant to support High School STEM Education in 2014.

E-MAILING – Stuart Chagrin noted that with all of the discussions of mailings and fundraising, nothing was said about emailing, which is much cheaper than mailing letters. He pointed out that when he gets a letter he often throws it away but if he gets an e-mail for a serious cause and it contains a link he might just click on the link and donate. He indicated that he didn’t know what chess e-mail lists there are, but it is a cheap way to reach people and they might just click the link on the e-mail. Al Lawrence said that we have collected e-mail addresses of about 60-70% of our donors this year. Stuart Chagrin replied that e-mail address lists from stores, magazines, etc. may be available. He pointed out that US Chess e-mails announcements about tournaments and other things. Harold Winston and Jim Eade called it an excellent suggestion. Beatriz Marinello said that Chess Educators has about 3,000 addresses and that she would be happy to provide them to the Trust. Harold Winston thanked her and suggested that other Trustees may have e-mail address lists they would want to share. Please note that outreach is important. We shouldn’t just talk to ourselves. Mailings to other appropriate groups such as MENSA or Science Fiction Convention organizers, etc., could be productive.

2017 WORLD JUNIOR FOR DISABLED CHILDREN – Harold Winston brought up the 2017 World Junior for Disabled Children. Beatriz Marinello explained that it is a new event scheduled for June 26-29, 2017, in Orlando, FL. US Chess has established a special Committee for Disabled and Special Needs, chaired by Janelle Losoff, and she should be an asset for us. Beatriz Marinello said she is looking forward to it. She said it is in an area that both the Trust and US Chess should explore. It is for children with physical disabilities or learning disabilities so they can play chess. Steve Doyle asked whether it would be an invitational or open event. Beatriz Marinello replied that the organizers are working with the FIDE Disabled Commission. Orlando has it for three years. It is planned to be a 7 Round FIDE Open format for children under 20 this first time, after which changes will be made until the format has been developed. It will then go to other places around the world. Harold Winston asked if Beatriz Marinello wants the Trust to accept donations for that event. She said that she would like the Trust to accept donations and she would be very active in finding sponsors for these events. Leroy Dubeck said that he likes the idea of accepting donations for this event because it is consistent with what we are doing and what our goals are. Steve Doyle agreed but pointed out that since it is an open event we cannot accept donations for a player’s travel to it due to IRS restrictions. Jim Eade noted that it is right up our alley and we should do it. Harold Winston moved to accept donations for the event. Leroy Dubeck seconded.

Motion CT16-009 – Winston – I move that the Trust be willing to accept donations for general tournament administration for the World Junior For Disabled Children. PASSED by UNANIMOUS Voice Vote.

DENKER, BARBER, AND NGTOC INVITATIONALS – Harold Winston then called on Dewain Barber to report on the Denker, Barber and Girls Invitational Events. Dewain Barber introduced his co-presenter, Maureen Grimaud. He noted that she is Chairperson of the Women’s Chess Committee and that they have worked closely together on these three events. Dewain Barber pointed out that we had 37 masters, which is a record, and said that the Denker legacy has been carried forward. He said that Maureen Grimaud’s work on the opening and closing ceremonies has had amazing results. All three events awarded $5,000 scholarships. Dewain Barber reported key results of the Denker and Barber, noting the winner of the Denker was Mika Brattain of NJ and the Barber was won by Brandon Jacobson of NJ. Maureen Grimaud reported the winner of the NGIT (NGTOC) was Jennifer Yu of VA, a three time winner. Please note: Complete results of all three events can be found at http://www.uschess.org/results/2016/usopen/?page=STANDINGS&xsection=dgtcombined. Dewain Barber noted the first three places in the state team competition (combining the state results of all three events) went to (1) New Jersey, (2) Texas, and (3) Virginia. He said he was really pleased with the outcome. Please note: The US Chess rating report at the above link indicated Denker winner Mika Brattain’s state as MA. During the process of preparing the minutes, Dewain Barber confirmed that Mika Brattain represented MA. Dewain Barber then asked Maureen Grimaud to share a little about the opening and closing ceremonies, which he referred to as spectacular. Maureen Grimaud noted that they had produced an opening and closing brochure that contained a list of all of the boys and girls in the three tournaments and highlighted those individuals with titles. They wanted it to look at the ceremony as a true graduation ceremony. The brochure showed that the level of the tournaments has really gone up. When Dewain Barber recognized the titled players and had everybody stand up, they shot up. They were really proud. Maureen Grimaud said that there had been some complaints about the length of the ceremony in the past and that having a hard copy brochure with everything in print which could be kept and saved. helped solve that issue. She noted that all of the sponsors were listed on the back of the brochure. She said that Al Lawrence did a great job as emcee and it was greatly appreciated. Maureen Grimaud expressed that some players who have participated in the three tournaments haven’t had a chance to meet each other, so a meet and greet party was created for the players only (No coaches or parents). It was scheduled for an hour at a relaxed time between 4 and 5 PM on Sunday. She said that the pizza came in at about 4:30 PM and when the kids smelled the pizza they started coming. It didn’t actually end until about 6:20 PM so it went over very well. The purpose of his was for retention and for providing a service to our players. She then thanked the Trust on behalf of the NGTOC for their donations. Dewain Barber said “I want everybody to always remember that this was in memory of Arnold Denker, who was a member of the Trust. A man who stepped forward and said ‘We can do this. Dewain, go ahead and write the rules for it and we’ll be OK’. He will always be the person who represents these three events and the legacy that he has left was an amazing amazing thing that has turned out so brilliantly this weekend.”. Maureen Grimaud was complimented for doing a great job.

Harold Winston noted that there was no old business and commented on future emphasis. He pointed to things we have done in the past that we would like to do more, including combatting Alzheimer’s and the oral histories program. He said that the Dondis Award would be skipped this year.

RE-ELECTION OF TRUSTEES – Harold Winston pointed out that there are three Trustees whose term expires this year and are willing to stand for re-election. He moved their re-election. Leroy Dubeck Seconded.

Motion CT16-010 – Winston – I move to re-elect Steve Doyle, Tim Redman and Shane Samole as Trustees. PASSED without objection by Voice Vote. Tim Redman abstained.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS – Harold Winston asked for new business. Hearing none, he proceeded to the election of officers. He noted that officers serve a one year term and asked for nominations. Steve Doyle moved the re-election of the current slate of officers. Tim Redman seconded.

Motion CT16-011 – Doyle – I move that the current slate of officers remain in office for another year. PASSED without objection by Voice Vote. Officers abstained.

Harold Winston thanked everyone for their cooperation and asked for questions from the audience. Hearing none, Harold Winston said that he would be here afterward and would be happy to accept donations. There was no motion to adjourn, however the meeting ended at that point (5:26PM). Trustees confirmed over $5,000 in pledges.

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