Mitchell Denker, Trustee


U.S. Chess Trust, Trustee, Mitchell Denker

Mitchell Denker was born 6/12/47, the middle child to Arnold and Nina in Manhattan and far and away the most talented chess player of the 3 children, and the most interested and involved the the social aspect of the game.

Mitchell finished college and law school and practiced law for many years in Key West, Florida.

Since then he has been the President of the Haas Fund, a charity , President of Shepherds Lighthouse , a live in facility for battered women , and an actor in various local companies.  He is also a traveler taking every chance to get to see the world.

For love of his father (Arnold Denker) he supports the Denker tournament and in the past brought the 1994 Men’s U.S Championship to Key West, Florida where it was very successful.

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Mitchell Denker would like to mention that his father’s (Arnold Denker) archives, correspondence, library and memorabilia are still looking for a good home.