Steven Shutt

Note from the Editor: Beatriz Marinello

I have had the honor to know Steven Shutt since 1991. Since then, I have seen Steven performing different roles, such as an expert level player, chess coach, member of the Scholastic Committee, twice elected member to the Scholastic Council, and as a member of the U.S. Chess Federation’s Executive Board.

Throughout the years, I have gotten to admire and love Steven Shutt. Even when we didn’t share the same side on issues, we were always willing to share ideas and respectfully discuss our differences of opinion.

Steven was first known as a chess coach at Vaux Middle School and currently Masterman school.

His success at Vaux led to a successful made-for-TV movie and from 1996-2008 Masterman won several national Championships.

Steven first served on the USCF National Scholastic Council becoming a Co-chair of the Council and then served for four years as a member of the U.S Chess Federation’s Executive Board in the position of Vice-President.

He also coordinates the Chess-in-Schools program for Philladelphia and is a director of the Philladelphia Scholastic Chess League.

Currently, Steven is serving as a Co-chair of the Scholastic Council.

On behalf of the U.S. Chess Trust, I would like to congratulate Steven for his numerous achievements and contributions to scholastic chess for the past 35 years, and for the well deserved Scholastic Service Award !

Congratulations Steven !