USCF Patron Program

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U.S. Chess Federation Patron Program

You can support American chess activities, get a tax deduction and receive recognition around the world in Chess Life magazine!

If you donate $50 or more, your name will be published throughout the year in Chess Life six times per year.

Names of those donating to the USCF Patron Program will also be printed in USCF’s Annual Report, and those donating at least $150 or more will be invited to a special conference with the USCF President and Executive Director during the US Open.

Contribute at least $1500, and your name will also appear monthly in a special Chess Life box on the same page as our Executive Board and Professional Staff.

Names of all patrons will also be listed on the USCF Website for a year, with Gold Patrons ($5,000 or more) and Gold Benefactors ($15,000 or more) honored on the homepage.

All Patron Program donations will be used for USCF projects consistent with the U.S. Chess Trust’s activities: scholastic chess, junior chess, prison chess, and U.S. representation in international events.

Patron Categories

* Contributors ($25 or more)-Website listing and one time listing in Annual Report
* Patrons ($50 or more)-Website listing and one time listing in Annual Report
* Benefactors ($150 or more)*
* Silver Patrons ($500 or more)*
* Silver Benefactors ($1,500 or more)*
* Gold Patrons ($5,000 or more)*
* Gold Benefactors ($15,000 or more)*

Note: Categories noted with an “*” will appear in Chess Life, on USCF’s website, in Annual Report and receive an invitation to a special conference with the USCF President and Executive Director during the US Open.

Mail your contributions to: Managing Director Barbara DeMaro, The U.S. Chess Trust, P.O. Box 838, Wallkill, NY 12589.

To qualify for your tax deduction, please make your check or money order payable to The U.S. Chess Trust, and identify the check as a contribution to the USCF Patron Program.

For your convenience, you can also make your donation to U.S. Chess Trust through our website by clicking on the secure Donate Now button.

Inquiries regarding the US Chess Federation Patron Program can be sent to Barbara DeMaro at OR

USCF Patron Program Donors

Silver Benefactors ($1,500 or more)

Anonymous (NJ) ,  John Dozier , James Eade , Oklahoma Chess Foundation

Silver Patrons ($500 or more)

Karl Irons , John McCrary , Jon Edward Quinn

Benefactors ($150 or more)

William Bradley , Michael Cherry , Michael Goodall , Paul Hock , Agnes Hunsicker , Craig Jennings , A. Frederick Judson , Frederick Lohr , Arthur Montgomery , D.M. Scott , James Wheeler , Michael Wilson

Patrons ($50 or more)

Andrew Batchelor , Britain Beezley , Robert Burke , Daniel Cohen , Robert Daniti , Albert Epstein , Joseph Farrell , Ursula Foster , Michael Goodall , Leon Haft , Leon Hariton , Tim HJelmeland , Louis Huntington, Jr. , Robert Hux , Herbert Jacklyn , Donald Kaiser , Allen Kaufman , Stephen Kenton , Martin Katahn , Kurt Landsberger , Philip Lehpamer , Robert Lynch , Michel McBride , Paul McGinnis , John Musser , Richard Neapolitan , Michael Neshewat , Susan Noden , Gregory Novak , Samuel Paisley , Steven Palmert , Kalev Pehme , Anthony Podolski , Wayne Praeder , John Reed , William Robinson , Kenneth Rogoff , Carol Ruderman , Randall Ryan , Edward Sampson , Gilbert Saulter , Francis Schott , Mark Smith-Soto , Douglas Southon , Robert Strickler , Dan Terrible , James Theile, Jr. , Imre Toth , Ira Wilkow , Harold Winston , Jean Worley

Contributors ($25 or more)

Cyane Berning , Joseph Caulfield , Franklyn Davenport , Patrick Eberlein , Norman Ficken, Jr. , Leonard Fondiller , Yvonne Friend , Gregory Goellner , David Miller , Pierre Plante , Raymond Raphael , Alonzo Ross , John Schweinsberg , Howard Sirota , Clark Whelton