31 Aug

My Senior Moment by Jim Eade

My Senior Moment by Jim Eade I cant recall when it first dawned on me that I qualified (by turning 50) for the 2007 US Senior Open, but the idea of actually playing in it gradually grew on me. My ...

29 Aug

Is Chess 99% Tactics?

IS CHESS 99% TACTICS? According to Richard Teichmann this is the case..What do you think? Lets take a look at the following position: White to move. White wins with a remarkable Rook sacrifice! Try to find it…

23 Aug

Chess in Education- (Series 1, Dr. Robert Ferguson) by WIM Beatriz Marinello

CHESS IN EDUCATION – (Series 1, Dr. Robert Ferguson) By WIM Beatriz Marinello This is a beginning of a series of articles based on chess personalities who have been contributing to the development and promotion of chess in education in ...

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