19 Oct

A Chess Princess: Olga Capablanca

A MEMORY REDISCOVERED: OLGA, A CHESS PRINCESS I used to write a chess column for two spanish newspapers in New York City back in 1990-91. One of the articles that I wanted to write, was about Jose Raul Capablanca, who was ...

18 Oct

Sun Tzu’s – The Art Of War

THE ART OF WAR Although Sun Tzu’s Art of War was written more than 2,600 years ago and its not a chess book, this is one of the books that I would recommend to chess players. This work stands today ...

17 Oct

Due To Popular Demand – Chess-for-Youth-Program Kicks Off!

CHARITY OF THE MONTH:  CHESS-FOR-YOUTH PROGRAM We have received great feed-back, interest and numerous requests for participation in our Chess-for-Youth program! This has prompted us to post a recap of this wonderful program so that others who have have yet to request information ...

16 Oct

Relationship Between Chess and Thinking by Dr. Robert Ferguson (Part 5)

CHESS IN EDUCATION – SERIES II – PART 5 – RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CHESS AND THINKING As we come to the conclusion of Chess in Education Series II, we provide you with Dr. Robert Ferguson’s “Solving Academic Problems” paper in its entirety. ...

15 Oct

Relationship Between Chess, Memory and Self-Esteem by Dr. Robert Ferguson

RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CHESS AND MEMORY Several have surmised that chess not only demands the attribute of memory but also develops it. John Artise in Chess and Education writes, Visual stimuli tend to improve memory more than any other stimuli, chess is ...

14 Oct

Relationship Between Chess and Academic Achievement by Dr. Robert Ferguson (Part III)

CHESS IN EDUCATION – SERIES II – PART III Relationship between Chess and Academic Achievement by Dr. Robert Ferguson Since 1971, the school district of Philadelphia has enjoyed state and national prominence because of the achievements of its chess teams ...

13 Oct

A Special Thanks To U.S. Armed Forces Open Championship Supporters And U.S Chess Trust Donors!

WHEN SUPPORT MAKES A DIFFERENCE Thanks to all who have given an astounding amount of support to the U.S. Armed Forces Open Championship and helped make this event happen, and, to our U.S. Chess Trust Donors , your donation makes it possible for us to offer ...

13 Oct

Relationship Between Chess and Reading by Dr. Robert Ferguson (Part II)

CHESS IN EDUCATION SERIES II (PART II) RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CHESS AND READING The former American Chess Foundation (now known as Chess-in-the-Schools) helped organize a program and research in the USA. Faneuil Adams, Jr. and Bruce Pandolfini founded the New York City ...

12 Oct

Solving Academic Problems by Dr. Robert Ferguson (Part I)

CHESS IN EDUCATION – SERIES II I started a series on Chess in Education in August 2007. Series I started with an article written by Dr. Robert Ferguson, and can be found in our blog archives for August of 2007. I am proud to ...

11 Oct

The Emergence of Two Powerful Queens – Queen Isabella of Spain And The Chess Queen

THE BIRTH OF THE CHESS QUEEN, INSPIRED BY QUEEN ISABELLA OF SPAIN In 1475, just 17 years prior to the discovery of America, the newest piece in the game, the Chess Queen, was introduced. As we approach the anniversary of Christopher ...

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