20 May

The U.S. Chess Trust Provides Free Chess Equipment and USCF Memberships for Needy Students

Click Here for the Chess-for-Youth-Form Playing chess has proven to help students enhance their creativity, improve their power of concentration, develop and expand critical thinking skills, boost memory and retention, and achieve superior academic performance. Additionally, chess has been shown ...

19 May

Shulman and Zatonskih Lead the 2008 Frank Berry U.S. Championships !

IM Irina Krush Thanks to Tom Braunlich for providing us with the following event report! Shulman and Zatonskih Lead 2008 U.S. Championships GM Yury Shulman leads the 2008 Frank K. Berry U.S. Championship by a full point with three rounds ...

18 May

Relationship Between Chess, Memory, and Self Esteem by Dr. Robert Ferguson

RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CHESS AND MEMORY Several have surmised that chess not only demands the attribute of memory but also develops it. John Artise in Chess and Education writes, Visual stimuli tend to improve memory more than any other stimuli, chess ...

17 May

A Special Thanks to Our April 2008 Donors!

A Special Thanks To Our April 2008 Donors – Your Support Helps Us Make a Difference! Remember, thanks to your donations we can provide Programs/Resources for the chess community! HERITAGE DONORS ($500 or more) Norman Forsythe Associates ($50 or more) ...

15 May

FIDE Trainers/Instructors Seminar, Chennai Tamilnadu (India)

Editor’s note: The World Chess Federation “FIDE” has been activelly pursuing the development of chess trainers and instructors. The following note is about a seminar held in India. Chess is booming in India and Asia in general, besides the organizational ...

13 May

Chess Trust Chairman Harold J. Winston Inducts 3 Grand Masters into the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame

3 GMS Inducted to U.S. Chess Hall of Fame By Harold J. Winston, Chairman, US Chess Trust On Saturday May 3, 2008, at the World Chess Hall of Fame and Sidney Samole Museum in Miami, Florida, GMs Joel Benjamin, Larry ...

12 May

Powerful Combination of Pieces

Powerful Combination of Pieces ! In this position, Black can either checkmate in three moves or win the White Queen. The Queen and the Knight are the most powerful combination of pieces, since they can cover all the movements of ...

11 May

A Brilliant Rook Sacrifice

Find an impressive and elegant way for Black to win the game!

10 May

Should You Start a Scholastic Chess Club?

With the Bert Lerner Elementary Nationals under way, many schools, parents, teachers, and school administrators may be wondering – Should we start a Scholastic Chess Club in our school? At the Elementary Nationals, New York is at # 1 with an amazing ...

09 May

The Bert Lerner Elementary Nationals Kick Off! (May 9-11, 2008)

The Bert Lerner Elementary Nationals Kick Off ! This is the largest and the most competitive Scholastic Chess Event in the country!  636 Teams from 45 States , 43 States represented, and 2178 Players! Location: David L. Lawrence Convention Center – 1000 Ft. Duquesne ...

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