30 Jan

Entrevista con Alexandra Kosteniuk por MIF Beatriz Marinello

Gran Maestra Alexandra Kosteniuk: Campeona Mundial, Mujer, Madre y Esposa … Aspirante a Modelo y un ejemplo para nuestra comunidad de ajedrez. La Campeona Mundial Femenina Alexandra Kosteniuk vive parte del año en Miami, USA. y esta comprometida a promover ...

30 Jan

Alexandra Kosteniuk Interview by WIM Beatriz Marinello

Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk: Woman World Champion, Mother and Wife…Aspiring Fashion Model and a Role Model for our chess community. Women’s World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk lives part of the year in Miami, USA and is planning to help promote chess in ...

26 Jan

Alexandra Kosteniuk on TV Fox & CBS (Jan. 25th)

Alexandra Kosteniuk on TV Fox and CBS (Sunday Jan. 25th) “Women’s World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk is now in Miami, and she’s been very busy with the media giving interviews to promote chess.” Tonight she will appear on TV Fox ...

23 Jan

Who Are the Most Famous Grand Masters in the USA Now?

Many of you may have an opinion.  In my case, I am a big fan of current World Champion Vishy Anand and the “golden boy” Magnus Carlsen. Today a chess friend told me that in his opinion the most famous ...

23 Jan

Utilizing Chess to Promote Self-Esteem in Perceptually Impaired Students

A Teacher’s Guide Developed by William Levy, Hopatcong Borough Schools (1986 – Hopatcong, New Jersey) “Students who have shown prowess in chess and in the abstract thinking, intense concentration, problem solving, and mental strategy involved have shown themselves and their ...

22 Jan

Earthlings Have Voted. It's Your Move Greg.

Earthlings Chose 15…e6 – It’s Your Move Greg! “Expedition 18 Flight Engineer Greg Chamitoff makes a move in the Earth vs. Space Chess match after his return to Earth.” NASA – Check out the Video. The students at Stevenson Elementary ...

20 Jan

Space vs. Earth – Latest Poll Results

Latest Poll Results: What You Voted On After Greg’s last move ( 15.Rfe1 ) – the results are in and this is what you voted on. Black’s 15th move: Option # 1 15…e7-e6 138 Votes = 53.9% Option # 2 ...

19 Jan

A Special Thanks to Our Nov. & Dec. 2008 Donors

A Special Thanks To Our November and December 2008 Donors! Your Support Helps Us Make a Difference! Remember, thanks to your donations we can provide Programs/Resources for the chess community! Friends of Chess Donors ($5,000 or more) Mark Fins Ben ...

17 Jan

Bobby Fischer 1943-2008

Photo: Richard Meek/Sports Illustrated Don’t miss the article/s from A must read! First Anniversary of Bobby Fischer’s Death 17.01.2009 – “Exactly one year ago a great chess legend died, at the age of 64. Bobby Fischer was buried without ...

16 Jan

Greg Chamitoff Returns to Earth

Greg Returns to Earth:  Match Resumes at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas Astronaut Greg Chamitoff has returned to Earth.  He will now play from NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. “Expedition 18 Flight Engineer Greg Chamitoff ...

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