20 Sep

The 39th World Chess Olympiad: What A Wonderful Way to Celebrate Chess!

The Official Opening of the Olympiad took place on Monday, September 20th, 2010, in Khanty-Mansiysk. This event will take place from September 19 through October 4, 2010. From “The World Chess Olympiad 2010, the largest national teams event in ...

14 Sep

National Youth Action and K-12s Set for 2010

National Youth Action Championships November 5-7, Long Branch, NJ Ocean Place Resort and Spa The National Youth Action is a nine-round swiss with a G/30 time control, split up into four sections, K-12, K-9, K-6 and K-3. The main event ...

10 Sep

U.S. Chess Trust CEO, Harold Winston as a Public Defender in Chicago

Alton Logan was innocent of murder, U.S. Chess Trust CEO, Harold Winston who is also a Chicago Public Defender, sought justice. Harold Winston was made President of the U.S. Chess Trust, a national chess charity, in 1999, and has served ...

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