NGIT Class winners with CLO editor Jen Shahade.

Akshita Gorti and Apurva Virkud tied for first place in the 1st National Girls Invitational which took place from July  27-30 in Madison, Wisconsin. Michelle Chen won the best game prize for her win against Claudia Munoz.

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National Girls Invitational Tournament Results

Prize Winners

  • 1st/2nd Place [Tie] Akshita Gorti $650 Scholarship
  • 1st/2nd Place [Tie] Apurva Virkud $650 Scholarship
  • 3rd Place [Tie] Michelle Chen $300 Scholarship
  • 3rd Place [Tie] Emily Tallo $100 Gift Cert.
  • 3rd Place [Tie] Rebecca Deland $100 Gift Cert.
  • 3rd Place [Tie] Saithanusri Avirneni $100 Gift Cert.

Ursula Foster Award

  • Akshita Gorti $500

Top Upset Prizes

  • Round One Alena Huang [260 pts.] $50 Gift Cert.
  • Overall [Rd 2] Sarai Perkins [905 pts.] $100 Gift Cert.
  • Round Three Katherine Du [180.5 pts.] $50 Gift Cert.
  • Round Four Aiya Cancio [237 pts.] $50 Gift Cert.
  • Round Five Saithanusri Avirneni [184.5 pts.] $50 Gift Cert.
  • Round Six Saithanusri Avirneni [271 pts.] $50 Gift Cert.

Best Game

  • Michelle Chen $50 Gift Cert.

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