2014 North American Youth Chess Championship is approaching…DON’T MISS IT!

2011 NAYCC RD 1 by Dora Leticia ©

June 4, 2014


NEW YORK – The U.S. Chess Trust and the U.S. Chess Federation Co-Sponsor ‘FIDE International Youth Event’.

It is rare for the USA to host ‘junior events’ that provide an opportunity for players to compete on an international level, the North American Youth is one of those rarities – DON’T MISS IT!

It’s a hectic time of year for everyone and to top it off, New Yorker’s schedules can be grueling! We know, but, just a reminder, ZERO POINT BYES AVAILABLE IN EVERY ROUND.

The North American Youth is open to all players regardless of level – it provides that unique and enriching experience that comes with international competition. An excellent opportunity for players!

2011 North American Youth Photos by Dora Leticia ©

We have an impressive list of participants that include official and extra players from USA, Canada and Mexico. These talented young chess players are among the top rated in each nation. The ‘NAYCC’ also provides players with the opportunity to obtain FIDE titles and norms.


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The official players from each country are as follows:

United States of America

  • U8 Open: Andrew Tang (USA) – USCF 1745; FIDE 1561
  • U8 Girls: Aksithi Eswaran (USA) – USCF 1306; FIDE Unrated
  • U10 Open: Andrew Hong (USA) – USCF 2038; FIDE Unrated
  • U10 Girls: Evelyn Zhu (USA) – USCF 1715; FIDE Unrated
  • U12 Open: Advait Patel (USA) – USCF 2220; FIDE 2043
  • U12 Girls: Camille Kao (USA) – USCF 1858; FIDE Rating 1484
  • U14 Open: Nicolas de T. Checa (USA) – USCF 2352; FIDE 2054
  • U14 Girls: Rachel Ulrich (USA) – USCF 2070; FIDE 1923
  • U16 Open: Kesav Viswanadha (USA) – USCF 2323; FIDE 2182
  • U16 Girls: Evan Xiang (USA) – USCF 1964; FIDE 1791
  • U18 Open: Kevin Wang (USA) – USCF 2427; FIDE 2335
  • U18 Girls Jennifer Yu (USA) – USCF 2172; FIDE 1896


  • U8 Open: Alan Bui (CAN) – CCF 769 ; FIDE Unrated
  • U8 Girls: Mysha Gilani (CAN) – CCF 1165; FIDE Unrated
  • U10 Open: Neil Doknjas (CAN) – CCF 1577; FIDE Unrated
  • U10 Girls: Kylie Tan (CAN) – CCF 1436; FIDE 1263
  • U12 Open: Rohan Talukdar (CAN) – CCF 1685; FIDE Unrated
  • U12 Girls: Rinna Yu (CAN) – CCF 1623; FIDE Unrated
  • U14 Open: Jeffrey Xu (CAN) – CCF 2071; FIDE 1838
  • U16 Open: John Doknjas (CAN) – CCF 2171; FIDE 1953
  • U16 Girls: Rachel Long-Xin Tao (CAN) – CCF 1641; FIDE 1547
  • U18 Open: David Itkin (CAN) – CCF 2233; FIDE 2063
  • U18 Girls: Regina-Veronicka Kalaydina (CAN) – CCF 1940; FIDE 1948


  • U10 Open: Juan Jose Taylor Rodriguez (MEX) – MCF 1622; FIDE Unrated
  • U12 Girls: Paulina Isabel Mejia Granados (MEX) – MCF 1266; FIDE Unrated
  • U16 Girls: Lilia Ivonne Fuentes Godoy (MEX) – MCF 1900; FIDE 1896
  • U18 Open: Emmanuel Guzman Cruz (MEX) – MCF 2062; FIDE 2062

Languages: We have staff that speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish and French which are the main languages of the Americas.

Information: http://www.chesseducators.com/northamericanyouth/

Venue: Doubletree Hotel in Tarrytown, New York. USA

Dates: June 12-16

Official Hotels: Doubletree Hotel & SpringHills Hotel in Tarrytown.

Organizer: IO Beatriz Marinello

Chief Arbiter: IA Walter Brown



  • Gold (1st, on Tie-Breaks, if Necessary) – IM/WIM Title
  • 1st Equal (down to 3rd place on tie-breaks) – IM/WIM Norm
  • Silver & Bronze (2nd and 3rd on Tie-Breaks, if Necessary) – FM Title


  • Gold – IM/WIM Norm
  • 1st Equal (down to 3rd place on tie-breaks)– FM Title
  • Silver & Bronze – CM Title

U14 & U12:

  • Gold – FM Title
  • Silver & Bronze – CM Title

U10 & U8:

  • First Equal (down to 3rd place on tie-breaks), Silver & Bronze – CM Title

SECTIONS (age as of Jan 1, 2014):

Open and Girls Sections: Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, Under 16, Under 18. Note: Sections with less than 8 players may be combined at Chief Tournament Director’s discretion.


TIME CONTROL: Game 90 minutes plus 30 seconds increment.

FORFEIT: 30 min. after the start of the round.

TOURNAMENT CHECK-IN: Thursday, June 12 at the River Room — Doubletree Hotel. Opens at 9:30 am.

TRANSPORTATION: http://www.chesseducators.com/northamericanyouth/transportation/

Free Internet, Free parking


For this event, FIDE rules apply, exposing many of these young, talented players to the international rules of tournament play.


  • Moves must be made on the board before they are recorded.
  • If castling, the King must be touched first.
  • The arbiter can also call flags.
  • Any cell phone that goes off, whether on vibrate or not, will result in a player being forfeited. All cell phones must be turned completely off in the playing halls.
  • Any player that arrives late at the board, will be forfeited after 30 minutes. If neither player is present initially, the arbiter will split the clock time between the two players.


FIDE allows Zero Point Byes, so if players need to request a bye, please do so in advance. You can send an e-mail to dora@chesseducators.com to request it. Please indicate in the Email Subject line – “BYE REQUEST”.

For complete information, please visit the official website: http://www.chesseducators.com/northamericanyouth/

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