A Special Thanks to Our Nov. & Dec. 2008 Donors

A Special Thanks To Our November and December 2008 Donors!

Your Support Helps Us Make a Difference! Remember, thanks to your donations we can provide Programs/Resources for the chess community!

Friends of Chess Donors ($5,000 or more)

Mark Fins

Ben Franklin Donors ($1,000 or more)

Leroy Dubeck
Homer McLaughlin
Jim Eade
James Pitts
Harold B Dondis

HERITAGE DONORS ($500 or more)

Henry Odell
Victor Laurie
Dr. Ed Quinn
Radall Sears
Harold Winston
Kent Bach

Associates ($50 or more)

Jeff Davidson
Paul Decamp
Matthew Pinkus
Kenneth Rogoff
Denis Strenzwilk
Steve Doyle
Victor Bearg
Dr. Rebecca Meyer
Lew Hucks
Lawrence Goch
Burton Carpenter
Robert Miller
R Narveson
Neil Falconer
Michael Monroe
Michael Rose
Ansel Schiffer
Roy Berg
Richard Adams
Roy Trust Benedek
Paul Tomaino
Barry Lazarus
Jeff Quirke
David Franklin
James Wheeler
Dr. Benton Wheeler
Tom McCloud
Dr. Daniel Cohen
John Reed
Rob Nichols
David Grimaud
Rick Armagost
Edward Dowdy
Thomas Purcell
Matthew Grinberg
Scott Kenyon
Doug Reed
Robert Lardon
Richard Lee
Nathaniel Pierce
Laura Richard
Pierre Plante
James Chessing
Kent McGillicuddy
Tony Newhall
Robert Strickler
Benjamin Saffan
John Hall
Arthur Mack
Jacques Robichaud
Walter Buehl
Peter Hanen
Patrick Turner
Robert Carey
Norbert Soltysiak
Murlin Varner
Thomas Bagby
Thomas Benin
Alexander Blum
Joe Brendel
Helen Kittsley
Peter Scott
No Schools Chess League
Curtis McDaniel
Peter Lahde
Charles Moore
Matthew Pinkus
Gerald Nooker
Richard Vincent
William McClain
Mordecai Treblow
Robert Gow
E.J. Breider
Bennett Goodman
James Lorentz

CONTRIBUTORS ($25 or more)

Gerard Vandeene
Kate Gasser
Scott Heller
Peter Malloy
Duane Myers
Richard Schultz
Barry Saxe
Anne Zience
Don Stetzer
Steve Krevinko
Howard Sirota
Bennett Quillen
Irving Wolfson
Ken Tischler
Bruce McMaster
Ralph Henings
Ed Kramer
Domenico Delli Carpini
Tom Murphy
Richard Graff
E Jewell Papowitz
George Huburd
Barry Keith
Terry Gleason
Frank Floyd
Paul Hedlund
Richard Huber
James King

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!

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