Anand Won The World Chess Championship – Is The 2007 Chess Oscar Soon To Follow ?

Anand WCC Mexico 2007 FIDE Chess Oscar


The Chess Oscar – is an international award given to the best chess player every year.
The winner is selected by a poll of chess experts across the world, including grandmasters. The award comprises a bronze statuette titled The Fascinated Wanderer. The award had its genesis in 1967 with journalists accredited at chess events voting for the best grandmaster.
The awards were given away uninterrupted until the year 1988. The award resumed in 1995. Since then, it has been co-ordinated by the Russian Chess Magazine, “64” .

The Chess Oscar has a lot of value in the chess fraternity as it is viewed as a sort of peer recognition.

Chess journalists around the world are invited to vote for the Chess Oscar on the FIDE web site.

A project of the FIDE Commission for Chess Information, Publication and Statistics (CHIPS) under chairman Alexander Roshal, this well known award was revived by `64` magazine.

For more information and web enabled automated voting, click here
This project shall also assist the CHIPS Commission in creating a database of chess journalists.


Anand won the Chess Oscar in 1997, 1998, 2003 & again in 2004 !

Now that Anand has won the World Chess Championship – is the Chess Oscar soon to follow?


  • 2006 Vladimir Kramnik Russia
  • 2005 Veselin Topalov Bulgaria
  • 2004 Viswanathan Anand India
  • 2003 Viswanathan Anand India
  • 2002 Garry Kasparov Russia
  • 2001 Garry Kasparov Russia
  • 2000 Vladimir Kramnik Russia
  • 1999 Garry Kasparov Russia
  • 1998 Viswanathan Anand India
  • 1997 Viswanathan Anand India
  • 1996 Garry Kasparov Russia
  • 1995 Garry Kasparov Russia
  • 1989-1994 no award
  • 1988 Garry Kasparov Soviet Union
  • 1986 Garry Kasparov Soviet Union
  • 1985 Garry Kasparov Soviet Union
  • 1984 Anatoly Karpov Soviet Union
  • 1983 Garry Kasparov Soviet Union
  • 1982 Garry Kasparov Soviet Union
  • 1981 Anatoly Karpov Soviet Union
  • 1980 Anatoly Karpov Soviet Union
  • 1979 Anatoly Karpov Soviet Union
  • 1978 Viktor Korchnoi Soviet Union
  • 1977 Anatoly Karpov Soviet Union
  • 1976 Anatoly Karpov Soviet Union
  • 1975 Anatoly Karpov Soviet Union
  • 1974 Anatoly Karpov Soviet Union
  • 1973 Anatoly Karpov Soviet Union
  • 1972 Robert Fischer United States
  • 1971 Robert Fischer United States
  • 1970 Robert Fischer United States
  • 1969 Boris Spassky Soviet Union
  • 1968 Boris Spassky Soviet Union
  • 1967 Bent Larsen Denmark


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Remember, out of these October 2007 Tournaments , your donation to the U.S. Chess Trust helps support these:

  • Armed Forces Championship
  • World Junior Championship

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FIDE Tournaments

  • World Juniors and Girls Championships 2007
    Yerevan, Armenia ( 2-Oct-2007 – 17-Oct-2007 )

USCF Tournaments

  • 48th Annual U.S. Armed Forces Open Championship 10/6-8 2007
    Henderson Hall (Arlington), VA
    Info & Ent email: John Farrell
  • U.S. Class Championship 10/19 – 10/21 2007
    Double Tree Hotel Houston/Intercontinental Airport
    15747 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
    Houston, TX 77032
    (281-848-4000 Chess rate is $79
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