Announcing the 2011 USCF All-America Team

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The USCF All-America Team is a prestigious award that started in 1988 and is given to the top players in the United States. This is a great achievement for these talented young chess players, one that can only be attained through hard work and a fierce dedication to chess.

The list below includes these players by age. The recipients of this award also receive a plaque and a jacket.

Congratulations to all of the chess players! Well done!

Age 18 (minimum peak rating 2450)

  • Robert Hess
  • Samuel Shankland
  • John Daniel Bryant

Age 17 (minimum peak rating 2400)

  • Marc Tyler Arnold, NY

Age 16 (minimum peak rating 2350)

  • Conrad Holt, KS
  • Michael Lee, WA
  • Steven Zierk, CA
  • Alec Getz, NY
  • Victor Shen, NJ
  • Howard Chen, WA

Age 15 (minimum peak rating 2300)

  • Ray Robson, FL
  • Parker Bi Guang Zhao, NY

Age 14 (minimum peak rating 2250)

  • Daniel Naroditsky, CA
  • Gregory Young, CA

Age 13 (minimum peak rating 2200)

  • Darwin Yang, TX
  • Alexsandr Ostrovskiy, NY
  • David Adelberg, AZ
  • Atulya Shetty, MI

Age 12 (minimum peak rating 2200)

  • Yian Liou, CA
  • Jarod M. Pamatmat, TX
  • Arthur Shen, NJ
  • Kevin Wang, MD
  • Michael Bodek, NY

Age 11 (minimum peak rating 2100)

  • Kayden Troff, UT
  • Christopher Wu, NJ
  • Justus Williams, NY
  • Joshua Colas, NY
  • Luke Harmon-Vellotti, ID
  • James A. Black, NY
  • Kapil Chandran, CT
  • Jeevan Karamsetty, VA

Age 10 (minimum peak rating 2000)

  • Dachey Lin, TX
  • Michael L. Chen, MI
  • Andrew Tang, MN

Age 9 (minimum peak rating 1900)

  • Samuel Sevian, CA
  • Tommy O. He, TX
  • Jeffery Xiong, TX
  • Jonathan Chiang, TX
  • Kadhir Pillai, NY
  • Roland Feng, WA
  • Jason Shi, CT
  • Vignesh Panchanatham, CA
  • Cameron Wheeler, CA

Age 8 & Under (minimum peak rating 1800)

  • Ruifeng Li TX
  • Tanuj Vasudeva, CA
  • Winston Zeng, CA
  • Albert Lu, CA
  • Aravind Kumar, NJ
  • Praveen Balakrishnan, NJ

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