Fall 2019

You can download a pdf version of our Annual Letter here:  USCT Letter 2019 and our brochure here: USCT Brochure

Dear Friends,

You can help at-risk and needy schoolchildren across the USA to enjoy the important benefits of chess. Children who are taught chess do better in school and better in life.  Chess helps develop valuable reading, research, decision-making and social skills. It improves students’ abilities to organize their thoughts and to concentrate.

Last year, the US Chess Trust Chess for Youth initiative sent a record number of official chess sets and boards to start and expand school and community clubs around the nation. This year we’re hoping to do even more! Research and experience also suggest that chess benefits the mental acuity of people of all ages. Your donation will also help us bring the same benefits to military veterans and older Americans.

WIM Emily Nguyen is the Co-Champion of the 2019 Denker Tournament of HS Champions.

The US Chess Trust continues to support the Arnold Denker Tournament of High School Champions and the Dewain Barber Tournament of Junior High Champions, awarding stipends and two $5,000 college scholarships. Your donation will also support the prizes at the Ruth Haring Tournament of Girl Champions and the National Senior Tournament of Champions.

The US Chess Trust Samford Fellowship provides top developing US chess players with vital support to give them a chance to reach their full potential. You can see by looking at the list of Samford Fellows on the enclosed folder that the Samford is very successful at its goal of developing American champions, including U.S. Championship competitors and Olympiad medal winners!


The US Chess Trust also supports the annual US Blind Chess Championship. With the assistance of the National Scholastic Chess Foundation, the US Chess Trust awards five annual Scholar-Chessplayer Awards. The Trust also makes possible, with the generous aid of Two Sigma, the Final Four of College Chess. This past year, the Trust used an anonymous gift to support five Women’s Regional tournaments in 2019.

These are some of our programs your gift can support. We know there are lots of causes and lots of other uses for your money. But we hope you agree that our causes provide a high-value return, and that making a donation to the US Chess Trust is something you can feel very good about.

US Chess Trust Chair Harold Winston presents Jacob Nathan with his Denker Tournament of HS Champions medallion.

Members of our board of directors take no compensation. Your donations are tax-deductible, and you can earmark a gift for your favorite programs. We welcome donations to honor the memory of friends and loved ones. You’ll get a letter of thanks that will also serve as tax documentation, and you’ll see your support recognized on our website. Or give to us through the Combined Federal Campaign—our ID number is 10212.


Harold Winston, Chairman

E. Steven Doyle, President

Myron Lieberman, Secretary

Leroy Dubeck, Treasurer

Al Lawrence, Managing Director


Please help us spread the benefits of chess by making
your tax-deductible donation today!