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01 Oct

The World Chess Championship – A Brief History

IN LIGHT OF THE WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP, ITS HISTORY COMES TO MIND. GM Anand, with his recent victory as World Chess Champion has opened a new chapter in Chess History. This championship brings a significant accomplishment for the International Chess Federation “FIDE”, ...

25 Sep

Harold B Dondis -Chess Modesty to Be Admired

Chairman Emeritus, Trustee & Co-Founder of the U.S. Chess Trust, Harold Dondis Our Officers and Trustees, not only promote and contribute generously to the U.S. Chess Trust Mission, but, their lives are inspiring and quite a vision in the chess world. In 1972, thirty-five ...

16 Sep

Multiple Intelligences

BATTLE OF THE BRAINS – Last night the Science Channel aired a special titled the Battle of the Brains. Seven experts in different fields, including GM Susan Polgar, were exposed to different tests, of which, the end results indicate that Howard ...

14 Sep

The Philanthropist’s Mind

Photograph: Jorge Saggiante What Are the Motivations That Drive People to Donate Money to Charities? I ask myself this question , after reading about Jorge Saggiante who has donated millions of dollars towards the organization of the World Chess Championship in Mexico. ...

31 Aug

My Senior Moment by Jim Eade

My Senior Moment by Jim Eade I cant recall when it first dawned on me that I qualified (by turning 50) for the 2007 US Senior Open, but the idea of actually playing in it gradually grew on me. My ...

29 Aug

Is Chess 99% Tactics?

IS CHESS 99% TACTICS? According to Richard Teichmann this is the case..What do you think? Lets take a look at the following position: White to move. White wins with a remarkable Rook sacrifice! Try to find it…

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