Chess Programs

The U.S. Chess Trust helps support the following Chess Programs & Events:

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  • Chess for Youth
  • Sets for Vets
  • Denker Tournament for High School Champions
  • World Youth Championship
  • Collegiate Final Four
  • Scholar Chess Players Award
  • Pan-Am Youth Festival
  • World Junior Championship
  • Polgar Girl Championships
  • Armed Forces Championship
  • Veteran Prison Chess
  • The Samford Fellowship
  • Chess in Education
  • Schein-Friedman Scholastic Recognition Project

You will also find valuable resources such as:

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Thoughts on “Chess Programs

  1. Keiller Leadership Academy is a middle grade (6-8) Charter school in San Diego, CA. Demographically, our school is about 45% Hispanic and 45% African American. The school consists of almost 90% title I students. I am the new vice principal, and chess enthusiast. My desire is to bring chess to the school as a full part of our extracurricular activities. Because we are a Charter school, there are no funds to advance this program. If your organization can assist us, it would be greatly appreciated.

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