GM Hikaru Nakamura Won Barcelona’s Chess Tournament



This event was held in the Casino of Barcelona (Spain) from October 18-16, 2007.

Our American Grandmaster finished with a full point ahead of the rest of the field of players.  The format of this tournament was a 9 rounds (round robin).


  • #1 GM Hikaru Nakamura- 7/9
  • #2 GM Leiner Perez Dominguez- 6/9
  • #3-4 GM Vugar Gashimov and GM Alexander Beliavsky- 5.5/9
  • #5-6 GM Rafael Vaganian and Michal Krasenkow- 4.5/9
  • #7 GM Josep Pallise Oms-4/9
  • #8 GM Miguel Cordoba Illescas- 3.5/9
  • #9 GM Marc Dublan Narciso- 3/9
  • #10 IM Jordi Fluvia, 1.5/9

Congratulations to GM Hikaru Nakamura for this impressive win and for being an excellent embassador of American Chess!

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