Magnus Carlsen, Day 6, 2013 Tata Steel Chess Tournament, Photo Courtesy Official Website

2013 Tata Steel – Day 6 Featured Games

2013 Tata Steel, Day 6, Replay Select Games Nakamura, Hikaru vs. L’Ami, Erwin Carlsen, Magnus vs. Sokolov, Ivan Harikrishna, Pentala vs. Anand, Viswanathan Giri, Anish vs. Hou, Yifan Aronian, Levon vs. Leko, Peter

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The answers are out there. By Jim Eade The Chess Olympiads (the world’s most prestigious team tournament) is going on this month in Istanbul. One of the most improbable participants is a teen aged girl from Katwe, one of...
2012 Chess Olympiad Round 7 by Arman Karakhanyan ©

Chess Olympiad Round 7 After taking a short break with the previous round, the team of Russia has returned to the winning paths in the 7th round of the Chess Olympiad Open section. Russia and Azerbaijan signed three draws before the t...