Irina Krush Kasparov All Girls Nationals 2007

Kasparov Chess Foundation organized the Girls Nationals’ in association with Dallas Chess Club, UTD, and USCF. This event took place from April 25 – 27th.

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Girls from public, private and home-schools were invited to participate and US Women’s Champion, IM Irina Krush, made a special appearance.

Teams competed within the following age categories: 8 years old and younger; 10 years old and younger; 12 years old and younger; 14 years old and younger; 16 years old and younger; 18 years old and younger.

The Results:

  • Medina Parrilla won the 18 & Under along with the scholarship to the University of Texas at Dallas, valued at over $65,000 with 5.5/6.
  • Angelica Berrios, earned the only perfect score of the event in the 16 & Under.
  • In the 14 & Under SectionRochelle Ballantyne, Catherine Hochman and Jasmine Fermin tied for first with 5/6. Ballantyne took the first place trophy on tiebreak.
  • Caroline Zhu won clear first place with 5.5/6 in the 12 & Under.
  • Simone Liao won clear first with 5.5/6 in the 10 & Under.
  • Brianna A. Guillen earned clear first in the 8 & Under, with 5.5/6.

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