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23 Jun

From our archives: “Developing Chess Talent – Chess and Autism”

GM Artur Yusupov training young talents in Apeldoorn (photo book cover by Fred Lucas) Chess and Autism Excerpt from ‘Developing Chess Talent’ by Karel and IM Merijn van Delft Chess is a suitable sport for many children and adults with ...

Marcel Duchamp
25 Sep

The Chess Player As An Artist: Marcel Duchamp

In recognition of Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Chess exhibit currently on display at the Francis Naumann Gallery in New York City (Sept. 10th – Oct. 30th, 2009), we are running this article, previously published on our website in 2007. ...

bobby-fischer-et-mark-taimanov par Steve Stepak
23 Apr

Chess & the Transformation of American Values

   Chess and the Transformation of American Values: Prospects for Popular Acceptance by Troy L. Armstrong “Chess never has been  and never can be ought but a recreation. It should not be indulged in to the detriment of other and ...

23 Apr

Chess and It’s Relationship to Other Subjects

It is not an unknown fact that many famous people play or have played chess. Many people have blogged about this… But, if you pay close attention, the possible connections and relationship between chess and other subjects seems never ending. ...

Chess Donors
23 Jan

Utilizing Chess to Promote Self-Esteem in Perceptually Impaired Students

A Teacher’s Guide Developed by William Levy, Hopatcong Borough Schools (1986 – Hopatcong, New Jersey) “Students who have shown prowess in chess and in the abstract thinking, intense concentration, problem solving, and mental strategy involved have shown themselves and their ...

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