U.S. Chess Trust Donors at the SuperNationals!

SuperNationals ( April 3-5, 2009 )

We have received numerous donations at the SuperNationals and would like to thank those who have donated!!

U.S. Chess Trust Donors:

  • Marck R. Cobb
  • Randolph Dupont
  • Lt Col. Kenneth F. Wyzywany
  • Dr. Nandita Chadha
  • Karmen Omar
  • Debora Walker Howard
  • Laura Slay
  • Chris Prosser
  • Jacklyn Paxton
  • Korey Kormick
  • Chris Baumgartner
  • Robert Beufield
  • Carol Rokni
  • Molly Nesham
  • Erlinda Tan
  • Miguel Resandez
  • Jeremy Higgins

Thanks so much for your support and contributions!  Your support helps us make a difference!

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