What Is the Most Important Issue Facing Chess Today? (Comments & Responses)

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This is a question many of us have often asked…FM Alex Dunne makes some very good points with his response…

“For over 100 years chess has had a rich tradition of a match champion — Lasker, Alekhine, Capablanca, Botvinnik, Kasparov, Tal, Fischer — the names were magic! Now we have a semi-yearly “champion” who wins one tournament that is not even the strongest event of the year and he is our new “World Champion. What a derogation of the title. We need to restore (reinvigorate?) the title of World (match) Champion.” FM, Alex Dunne

FM Alex Dunne is mostly known for this chess column in Chess Life Magazine about correspondence chess. He has written a number of interesting books, including “How to Become a Candidate Master” and “Chess Oddities”. Alex was a chess instructor in the Castle Chess Camp for almost 20 years.

The US Chess Trust appreciates his comments and would like to encourage other members of the chess community and/or chess friends to send their comments !

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