World Chess Hall of Fame & Sidney Samole Museum to Relocate in 2010

World Chess Hall of Fame & Sidney Samole Museum Excalibur

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According to U.S. Chess Trust Chairman, Mr. Harold Winston, “The World Chess Hall of Fame and Sidney Samole Museum is temporarily closed pending relocation. Negotiations are in process to bring the World Chess Hall of Fame to St. Louis and we expect the Museum to reopen during 2010“.

The U.S. Chess Trust will be providing more information as it becomes available.

Be sure to check back with us soon!

  • Isabel Echevarria

    I’m the Chess Facilitator for Miami Shores Elementary. Every year I take the Chess Club to a field trip to the World Chess Hall of Fame. This year, I find out it is closed. I was planing to take the Chess Club there on April 30, 2010. Where are you located now? Where can I take them there?

    Thank you for your prompt answer.
    Isabel Echevarria
    Chess Facilitator

  • Pedro M. Pino Sr.

    I have recently taken steps to step up and teach(what little I know) chess to our small rural community. I am enjoying your web site and articles, I will be able to use most of your stories for guidance and inspiration to my pupils. Keep it up.
    By the way, we are known as Country Knights, the only chess club in St. Clair County, Alabama. I am working to change that fact. Sincereley, Pedro M. Pino Sr.

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