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Round 5: GM Kritz, Leonid vs. GM Ramirez, Alejandro

We have selected this game to cover on our blog which is open for comments. This game was Live…you can still replay, and view the scoresheet.

Featured Game:  GM Kritz, Leonid (Germany) with a rating of 2664 from UMBC is facing GM Ramirez, Alejandro (Costa Rica) with a rating of 2590 who is representing UT Dallas. These two players are the top boards of UMBC and UTD teams which are usually in contention to win this event.

The match between UMBC and UT Dallas is a classic in college chess and this game shows how powerful these teams are.

Enjoy the game and feel free to make comments! It’s a very interesting and tactical game.

Click Here for Round 5 GM Kritz, Leonid vs. GM Ramirez, Alejandro Scoresheet

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