2009 Pan American Youth Championships

The U.S. Chess Trust is a Proud Supporter of this Event!

(Mar Del Plata, Argentina August 16-22)

Note from WIM Beatriz Marinello:

“The Pan American Youth Festival is a qualifier for the World Youth, and gathers the best players in the Americas.  Participation in this event provides great international exposure for our chessplayers, and it’s great for their personal development.  The kids will be exposed to different cultures, traveling, and tough competition that can bring the best or worst out of them, helping them shape their characters as chessplayers.  Last year the U.S. Delegation (composed of 24 players) brought home 7 medals!”

The tournament is a Nine-Round Swiss.

There are 23 players representing the United States along with four coaches.

Stay tuned for more updates!

List of the (U.S.A) players participating in the Pan American Youth Championships:

  1. Sub.8 Abs. TANUJ VASUDEVA
  2. Sub.10 Abs TOMMY HE
  3. Sub.10 Abs. SHYAM GANDHI
  4. Sub.10 Abs. STAN LIAO
  5. Sub.12 Abs. JAROD PAMATMAT
  6. Sub.12 Abs. JORDAN PAMATMAT
  7. Sub.12 Abs. ARTHUR SHEN
  8. Sub.12 Abs. MICHAEL BROWN
  9. Sub.12 Abs. SAMUEL WARANCH
  10. Sub.14 Abs. DANIEL ROZOVSKY
  11. Sub.14 Abs. JUSTIN KARP
  12. Sub.14 Abs. MILES HINSON
  13. Sub.16 Abs. VICTOR SHEN
  15. Sub.16 Abs. ADARSH JAYAKUMAR
  16. Sub. 16 Abs. VINCENT HUANG
  17. Sub.18 Abs. ALISA MELEKHINA
  18. Sub. 8 Fem. ANNIE WANG
  19. Sub.10 Fem. MARYIA ORESHKO
  20. Sub. 10 Fem SIMONE LIAO
  21. Sub.14 Fem ANNA MATLIN
  22. Sub.18 Fem KARSTEN MCVAY
  23. Sub. 18 Fem COURTNEY JAMISON

Chess Coaches: (in alphabetical order)

  • Armen Ambartsoumian
  • Aviv Friedman
  • Michael Khodarkovsky
  • Beatriz Marinello

You can visit the tournament’s official website (in Spanish) by CLICKING HERE, where you will find a photo gallery, live games, pairings, results and additional info.

Below is a video clip (in spanish) about Mar Del Plata, Argentina. On our websites sidebar you will find another video clip of the tournament.

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