2012 Pan-American Youth Championship: Talented US Juniors take home 10 Medals!

2012 Pan-American Youth, Photo Credit Joanne Lim

by Aviv Friedman

The 2012 Pan-American Youth Championship has concluded and the United States has ended second on the country prize list. U.S. players took home a total of 6 Gold medals — including a perfect score in girls under 10, 3 silver and 1 bronze! A new record!!!


2012 Pan-American Youth, Photo Credit Joanne Lim

USA 2012 Pan-American Youth Team Results

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Under 8 Girls

  • Maggie Ni – 8/9, GOLD MEDAL
  • Aksithi Eswaran-5.5/9, 8th place

Under 10 Girls

  • Emily Nguyen, 9/9, GOLD MEDAL
  • Chenyi Zhao, 4/9, 28th place

Under 12 Girls

  • Maggie Feng-7/9, SILVER MEDAL
  • Ashritha Eswaran- 6.5/9, 6th place

Under 14 Girls

  • Evan Xiang- 5.5/9, 10th place
  • Kristen Sarna-5/9, 14th place
  • Shaileja Jain-5.5/9, 13th place

Under 16 Girls

  • Jessica Regam- 6/9, 6th place
  • Ellen Xiang- 5.5/9, 10th place
  • Claudia Munoz-4.5/9, 18th place

Under 8 Open

  • Tan Nguyen- 8/9, GOLD MEDAL
  • Roshan Idnani-6.5/9, 5th place
  • Taran Idnani-6/9, 8th place

Under 10 Open (to be updated)

  • Trung Nguyen-7.5/8
  • Aravind Kumar-7.5/8
  • Shreyes Kaliyur-3.5/8

Under 12 Open

  • Jonathan Chiang- 8/9, GOLD MEDAL
  • Kadhir Pillai- 7.5/9, SILVER MEDAL
  • Anthony Nguyen-7/9, BRONZE MEDAL

Under 14 Open

  • Michael Lim-5.5/9, 15th place

Under 16 Open

  • Arthur Shen- 6/9, 8th place
  • Sarah Chiang- 6/9, 11th place
  • John Hughes- 4.5/9, 36th place
  • Rohith Kaliyur- 3.5/9, 49th place

Under 18 Open

  • William Fisher- 7.5/9, GOLD MEDAL
  • Christopher Heung- 5.5/9, 10th place
  • Miles Hinson- 5.5/9, 11th place
  • Shaurya Jain- 5/9, 22nd place

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2012 Pan American Youth: Top U.S. Juniors battle it out in Lima, Peru!

2012 Pan American Youth

by Aviv Friedman

30 of the US’s most talented and promising juniors, along with 4 coaches, and many parents and family members, are taking part in the 23rd Pan American Youth chess competition. The event, held in Lima, Peru, between the dates of 23-31 of July, is second only to the World Youth Festival (the world championships for under age 18) in its importance and prestige for US youth players. In addition to medals for top finishers, international chess titles, and free invites the aforementioned world championship await the winners!!

Arthur Shen at NAYCC 11′ by Dora Leticia ©

The venue for the tournament is Peru’s national stadium, and about 600 players up to the age of 18 are participating. It is divided into sections, based on age and gender, for boys and girls under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 respectively. The organization of the event leaves a lot to be desired, but our group’s team work, with everyone’s help carries us through! The schedule is a very demanding one, with 3 consecutive days of double rounds — a very tiring and tight schedule, especially when one considers that travel time is needed to and from the venue to the hotel (most of us are about a 10 minute drive in traffic from the stadium, others are staying within walking distance from it).

Having just passed the halfway mark of the event, our team still has several players on perfect score (5 out of 5), and others with well over 50%, and so we are still very much in the running for some top finishes. We have quite a few players playing their toughest competition on the top boards, and everyone is crossing their fingers for them to overcome the opposition! Despite the fierce and uncompromising battle for top places, it is nice to see the overall good sportsmanship that the players display. Another positive experience is the chance to play against, meet and befriend players from many different countries.

This has been a great experience so far, as most of us if not all, have never been to Peru. Some families intend to stay after the event, and tour this history-rich country and it’s many famous sites. The locals in Lima are very friendly and easy going, which adds to feeling welcome and safe.

As I write these lines, the 6th round is about to start, so it is time to get back to work and go see how our kids are doing! Lets hope for some medal ‘hardware’ at the end of the event!
News update!! Now after round 8, we have one known gold by Emily Nguyen, who is at 8/8 and leads her field by 1.5 points. We have 2 other golds seemingly guaranteed, but as our players face each other, we don’t know who will win which medals! More so, we also have chances for yet more. Our team is really doing fantastically well.


Claudia Munoz at 2011 NAYCC, Photo Credit Dora Leticia ©


Visit Official website: http://www.ajedrezenperu.org/panamericano2012.php

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