2013 National Girls Invitational Results

NGIT Class winners with CLO editor Jen Shahade.

Akshita Gorti and Apurva Virkud tied for first place in the 1st National Girls Invitational which took place from July  27-30 in Madison, Wisconsin. Michelle Chen won the best game prize for her win against Claudia Munoz.

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National Girls Invitational Tournament Results

Prize Winners

  • 1st/2nd Place [Tie] Akshita Gorti $650 Scholarship
  • 1st/2nd Place [Tie] Apurva Virkud $650 Scholarship
  • 3rd Place [Tie] Michelle Chen $300 Scholarship
  • 3rd Place [Tie] Emily Tallo $100 Gift Cert.
  • 3rd Place [Tie] Rebecca Deland $100 Gift Cert.
  • 3rd Place [Tie] Saithanusri Avirneni $100 Gift Cert.

Ursula Foster Award

  • Akshita Gorti $500

Top Upset Prizes

  • Round One Alena Huang [260 pts.] $50 Gift Cert.
  • Overall [Rd 2] Sarai Perkins [905 pts.] $100 Gift Cert.
  • Round Three Katherine Du [180.5 pts.] $50 Gift Cert.
  • Round Four Aiya Cancio [237 pts.] $50 Gift Cert.
  • Round Five Saithanusri Avirneni [184.5 pts.] $50 Gift Cert.
  • Round Six Saithanusri Avirneni [271 pts.] $50 Gift Cert.

Best Game

  • Michelle Chen $50 Gift Cert.

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