48th World Junior Championship (Oct. 21-Nov.4)


The 48th World Junior Championship is going on now in Puerto Madryn, Argentina!

This is a very prestigious event that gathers the top junior players in the world!

Most countries send only their National Champions to represent them in this event.  From the United States we have two very talented representatives, GM Elect Ray Robson and GM Elect Alex Lenderman.

The World Junior Championship is a thirteen round Swiss for players age 20 and under, therefore, both of our representatives will meet the age criteria for future Junior Championships for some time to come. 

Good luck to Ray Robson and Alex Lenderman!


  • Round 1 (Thurs. Oct. 22nd)
  • Round 2 & Round 3 (Fri. Oct. 23rd)
  • Round 4 ( Sat. Oct. 24th)
  • Round 5 (Sun. Oct. 25th)
  • Round 6 (Mon. Oct. 26th)
  • Round 7 (Tue. Oct. 27th)
  • FREE DAY (Wed. Oct. 28th)
  • Round 8 (Thurs. Oct. 29th)
  • Round 9 (Fri. Oct. 30th)
  • Round 10 (Sat. Oct. 31st)
  • Round 11 (Sun. Nov. 1st)
  • Round 12 (Mon. Nov. 2nd)
  • Round 13 (Tue. Nov. 3rd)

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Stay tuned for the results of this event….

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