Beatriz Marinello Elected Vice-President of the World Chess Federation (FIDE)

Congratulations to new FIDE Vice President, Beatriz Marinello!

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov won re-election as FIDE’s President, and Trustee Beatriz Marinello was elected as FIDE Vice-President.

Beatriz continues to blaze trails in chess politics, and is now the highest ranking woman to ever represent the United States in FIDE although she was nominated and endorsed by the Chilean Chess Federation and the Brazilian Chess Federation for this position.

She is the first woman elected to the FIDE Presidential Board.

We should not forget that she was also the first woman ever elected to serve as the United States Chess Federation’s President.

Having served as a Zone President in FIDE from 2000-2002, I have some idea of how complicated FIDE politics can be.  It is extremely impressive to see how Beatriz has navigated those waters so well.

Who knows what this remarkable woman will accomplish next, but rest assured that the U.S. Chess Trust is lucky to count her as one of our own.

James Eade
U.S. Chess Trust President

Beatriz Marinello: Trying to Keep Children in Chess (New York Times)

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