Can A Former World Champion Make An Illegal Move?

Can a Former World Champion Make an Illegal Move?

Karpov/Chernin 1992

White: Karpov, Anatoli / Black: Chernin, Alexander / Tilburg Rapid 1992

Karpov just promoted his Pawn into a Queen and has only 10 seconds on his clock.

Chernin on the other hand, has 50 seconds on his clock and decides to play for a win with 53. Kd6+.

Karpov, under time pressure, without getting his King out of check makes an illegal move and replies with a 54. Qe6+ ???

Chernin immediately proceeds to capture Karpov’s King, with 54. Rxf7.

The Tournament Director, Geurt Gijssen intervened and makes the following ruling:

This events time control is 25 minutes per player (Rapid Chess) so the players are not allowed to capture the King. However, since Karpov made an illegal move his opponent Chernin gains two minutes on his clock and since Karpov already touched the Queen, he is required to move it.

Therefore the game continues as follows:

53. Kd6+
54 Qe7 Rxe7+
55 Kf6 Re6+
56 Kf7 Re5 –
Winning the game (0-1)

It has been suggested that instead of 54 Qe7+, Karpov should’ve played 54 Qd7+ with the possibility of a draw.

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