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Today, we delve into another great chess article ! Remember, you can access this and many other chess articles in our Chess Articles Section !

Chess As A Way to Teach Thinking by Diane D. Horgan(Department of Psychology, Memphis State University)

While much recent research on decision-making and problem solving stresses the limits of rationality and how far we humans deviate from “good” decisions, chess is a situation in which humans can make unusually sound decisions.

In fact, young children – not normally known for their rationality – can compete with adults on an even basis and make good decisions that appear rational or analytic.

This raises some very interesting questions for educators: How can children, before reaching the stage of formal operations, think so logically?

Studying the best thinking of which children are capable and how they develop those skills may yield some valuable ideas for educators.

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Chess As A Way To Teach Thinking by Dianne D. Horgan

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