Christopher Gu Wins the 2014 Denker Tournament of High School Champions!

2011 NAYCC Christopher Gu by Dora Leticia Copyright Protected
Christopher Gu by Dora Leticia Copyright Protected

The U.S. Chess Trust is a proud sponsor of the Denker Tournament of High School Champions. Congratulations Christopher Gu!


Christopher Gu (RI) with clear first of 5.5/6 in the 30th Annual GM Arnold Denker Tournament of High School Champions took the University of Texas at Dallas, four year scholarship with a fine performance against a very strong field. The participants included four Senior Masters and 12 Masters. It was a big challenge to reach higher than 5/6.

Edward Song (MI) was the clear second place finisher with a score of 5/6. There was a three way tie for third through fifth place, each scoring 4.5/6 led by Nicky Korba (CA-S), Christopher Wu (NJ) and Joshua Colas (NY). Tournament results can be found at:


This year for the first time a competition was organized among the states. The scores of each state’s Denker, Barber and NGIT representative were combined to identify the state team score.

With a total of 13 points, New Jersey (Christopher Wu, John Burke, Kimberly Ding) won the inaugural competition.

Tied for second through fifth place with 12.5 was New York (Joshua Colas, David Brodsky, Lilia Poteat), Southern California (Nicky Korba, Joshua Sheng, Annie Wang), Rhode Island (Christopher Gu, Ryan Sowa, Alana Mc Guinness) and Michigan (Edward Song, Michael Chen, Soumya Kulkarni).

A special thanks to Dewain Barber for providing Denker results.

2014 Denker Tournament of High School Champions Results

Prize Winners

  • 1st Place Christopher Gu
  • 2nd Place Edward Song
  • 3rd Place [3-Way Tie] Nicky Korba, Christopher Wu and Joshua Colas

UTD Scholarship Winner

  • Christopher Gu

Click Here for the Denker Tournament Individual Standings >>

Denker Champions: (Name and Year)

  • Christopher Gu, 2014
  • Kapil Chandra, Safal Bora, Michael Brown, 2013
  • Atulya Shetty (MI), Darwin Yang (TX), 2012
  • Michael Vilenchuk (OH), 2011
  • Steven Zierk (CA-N), 2010
  • Abby Marshall (VA), 2009
  • Daniel Yeager (TX), Julian Landaw (CA-S), Scott Low (MD), 2008
  • Warren Harper (TX), 2007
  • Nelson Lopez (TX), 2006
  • Trevor Jackson (IN), Zhi-Ya Hu (MD), Josh Bakker (MA), 2005
  • Mackenzie Molner (NJ) , Pieta Garrett (AZ), 2004
  • William Aramil (IL), Ryan Milisits (PA), 2003
  • Bruci Lopez (FL), 2002
  • Thomas Bartell (NJ), 2001
  • David John (TX), John Cole (IN), Matt Hoekstra (NC), Joshua Zilmer (WI), 2000
  • Andrei Zaremba (MI), Steven Winer (MA), 1999
  • Florin Felecan (IL), 1998
  • Andrei Zaremba (MI), Andrew Whatley (AL), 1997
  • John Bick (LA), 1996
  • Charles Gelman (VA), 1995
  • Dean Ippolito (NJ), Josh Manion (WI), Paul Rohwer (NE), Dmitry Zilberstein (CA-N), Aaron Wenger (OH), 1994
  • Alex Kalikshtyn (NY), 1993
  • Vadim Tsemekhman (Eric Torman) (MI), 1992
  • Alan R Stein (CA-N), 1991
  • Alex Feldman (MN), Jesse Kraai (NM), Michael Lamon (CA-S), Mathew Morgan (VA), 1990
  • Jesse Kraai (NM), 1989
  • Vivek Rao (PA), Robby Adamson (AZ), Ilya Gurevich (MA), 1988
  • Vivek Rao (PA), 1987
  • Danny Edelman (NY), 1986
  • Alex Fishbein (WY), 1985
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