For Teachers and Coaches: A Beginners Guide to Coaching Scholastic Chess

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A Beginners Guide to Coaching Scholastic Chess by Ralph Bowman


I started playing tournament Chess in 1962.  I became an educator and began coaching Scholastic Chess in 1970.  I became a tournament director and organizer in 1982. In 1987 I was appointed to the USCF Scholastic Committee and have served each year since, for seven of those years I served as chairperson or co-chairperson.

With that experience I have had many beginning coaches/parents approach me with questions about coaching this wonderful game. What is contained in this book is a compilation of the answers to those questions.

This book is designed with three types of persons in mind:

1) a teacher who has been asked to sponsor a Chess team, 2) parents who want to start a team at the school
for their child and his/her friends, and 3) a Chess player who wants to help a local school but has no experience in either Scholastic Chess or working with schools.

Much of the book is composed of handouts I have given to students and coaches over the years.

To Read the Complete Guide Book Click Here A Beginners Guide to Coaching Scholastic Chess (Ralph Bowman author)

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