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Guide To Scholastic Chess (PDF Download)

Children and Chess (PDF Download) (Alexey W. Root author)

A Beginners Guide to Coaching Scholastic Chess (PDF Download) (Ralph Bowman author)

Teaching Chess in the 21st Century (PDF Download) (NM Todd Bardwick author)

Chess Workbook for Children (PDF Download) (NM Todd Bardwick author)

Chess in Education Committee website

Official Rules of Chess Rulebook – 5th editon – catalog #1690

State Scholastic Contacts

Chess Club Directory

Chess Camp listing

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  • David Bellomy

    I want to know how I can get free chess boards (with numbers and letters on the side) and pieces for my students. I have 21 students now. I have supplied the boards myself from yardsales and such, but they are all different and have no numbers or lettering on them for writing the moves down.

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