Michael Lee Wins 2008 National Junior High (K-9) Championship

Michael Lee

Michael Lee

Photo from uschessleague.com

The 2008 National Junior High (K-9) Championship was held in Dallas, Texas from March 4-6.    This event was divided into 6 sections:K-9 ChampionshipK-9 Under 1250K-8 ChampionshipsK-8 Under 1000K-8 Under 750K-9 UnratedPrizes: Individual trophies for at least top 25 players and 25 teams in each section based on attendance average during the past two years.  All participants will receive a medal at the completion of the final round.Also class trophies to the top three in the following classes:K-9 Championships: 1400-1599, 1200-1399, 1000-1199, U1000, Unrated.K-8 Championship: 1400-1599, 1200-1399, 1000-1199, U1000, Unrated.Teams: A team must have at least two players, although no maximum number of players. The top four scores in any section will count for the team score.For a complete list of the individual final results check:http://www.alchess.com/chess/08/jhs/?page=STANDINGS&xsection=K9

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