NYC Event Report: 18 Wins & 2 Draws

On Saturday, March 21, 2009, a sunny New York afternoon, Women’s World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk played 20-boards in a simultaneous exhibition. The attendees enjoyed asking questions, playing chess, and watching the simul in a pleasant atmosphere.

The event started at 2pm with an introduction by Ms. Abigail Greystoke, Director of Strategic Planning at the British International School of NY, and further presentations from Past U.S. Chess Federation President and Event Organizer Beatriz Marinello

U.S. Chess Trust Trustee & Past U.S. Chess Federation President Dr. Leroy Dubeck also spoke on behalf of the U.S. Chess Trust, as did U.S. Chess Trust Managing Director, Barbara DeMaro.

Among the audience were, chess coaches, David McNulty, Joe Lux, and Elizabeth Vicary.

David McNulty, an inspiring person in the chess community, NYC chess teacher, and a former Bronx teacher whose real-life story was made into the movie, ‘Knights of the South Bronx’, also spoke during the presentation.

Following the presentation, our guest of honor Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk opened a session of questions and answers.

Most parents asked questions about how to help their children become better chess players, and the kids questions varied from –

  • What is your favorite chess piece?
  • How many people have you beaten?
  • What is your favorite chess book?
  • When did you start to play chess?

Alexandra was very friendly and very gratefully responded to all the questions in a thoughtful and simple way.

Following the presentation & Q & A, the “simul” took place in the beautiful library with water views and excellent light. Once the simul started the room was quiet and the audience watched either in the simul room or from the multi-purpose room, where the games were broadcasted on a large projection screen.

British International School of New York provided refreshments and the guests played chess in other areas of the school while the simul took place.

The simul lasted a little more than two hours and ended with two players, Dr. Leroy Dubeck and Alexis Paredes claiming a draw in positions that actually looked better for them. If you wish to view and replay the games go to NYC Event Live Games Blog (Click Here).

This event was a fund-raising event to benefit the U.S. Chess Trust which is 501c3 organization that promotes chess in the United States of America.

The focus of this activity was to promote chess in a positive way and inspire young talented chess players to continue with their training and work hard to become even better chess players.

The event was hosted at the British International School of New York.

We would like to thank our guest of honor, Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk, all of our event supporters, our Live Games Broadcaster Jon Haskell, Technical support & Official Event Photographer Dora Leticia, Chess players, Chess coaches, and the British International School of New York’s administrators who helped make this event possible.

Note: A complete list of event supporters, donors and sponsors will be published soon on our website.

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