One-Third of 2022 US Chess Champs Received Scholarships from US Chess Trust Supporters!

Over the past four decades, the Samford Fund has provided more than $2,000,000 in scholarships to young American chess-player hopefuls. Other US Chess Trust programs have helped develop national chess as well. One-third of the players in the current three “US Chess Champs” events have been encouraged along the way with US Chess Trust scholarships!

U.S. Senior Championship

GM Joel Benjamin
  • Joel Benjamin, 1987 (first ever) Samford Fellow
  • Maxim Dlugy, 1988 Samford Fellow

US Junior Championship

Grandmaster Awonder Liang, Photo Eric Rosen
  • GM Christopher Yoo, 2019-Current Samford Fellow
  • GM Abhi Mishra, 2021-Current Samford Fellow
  • GM Awonder Liang, 2018 Samford Fellow & 2021 Denker Tournament of HS Champion
  • IM David Brodsky, 2020 Scholar-Chessplayer
  • Brandon Jacobson, 2016 Barber Tournament of JH Champion

US Girls’ Junior Championship

FM Alice Lee | Photo courtesy of Saint Louis Chess Club, Lennart Ootes
  • Jennifer Yu, 2019 Scholar-Chessplayer
  • Carissa Yip, 2020-Current Samford Fellow
  • Alice Lee, Current Samford Fellow

By the way, US Chess Champs webcaster GM Alejandro Ramirez was the 2012 Samford Fellow!

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