Sun Tzu’s – The Art Of War

Art of War


Although Sun Tzu’s Art of War was written more than 2,600 years ago and its not a chess book, this is one of the books that I would recommend to chess players.

This work stands today as a prominent work on military strategy !

This manual is not only about war strategy, but, also about the lessons and knowledge that can be learned within a strategic framework, as is required in many aspects of life, including but not limited to war.

I recommend this book to chessplayers, as it is a masterpiece in strategy, which can be especially useful in preparation for a chess tournament.

This book is an easy read – light and deep at the same time.

Even in this century, many High School and College Faculty members use quotes from this book in their lectures. A paradox , given our dreadful advances in the technology of warfare.

That is the greatness of the Art of War, it is a book as old as the game of chess, and both, have stood the test of time.

For it happens that the underlying science of combat remains little changed – the craft of deception, interpreting terrain, the movement of material and men, the discipline and motivation of troops. These elements are immutable, and those who must carry the sword have always turned to Sun Tzu for enlightenment and inspiration.

Chess players are intellectual soldiers fighting the battle over the chessboard!

Enjoy the read !

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