The Bert Lerner Elementary Nationals Kick Off! (May 9-11, 2008)

Dalton Horace Mann Hunter Elementary School

The Bert Lerner Elementary Nationals Kick Off ! This is the largest and the most competitive Scholastic Chess Event in the country!  636 Teams from 45 States , 43 States represented, and 2178 Players!

Location: David L. Lawrence Convention Center1000 Ft. Duquesne Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

There are 11 Sections:

  • K-1 Champ – 245 Players
  • K3 Champ – 208 Players
  • K3 U/800 – 348 Players
  • K3 Unrated – 104 Players
  • K5 Champ – 290 Players
  • K5 U/900 – 404 Players
  • K6 Champ – 178 Players
  • K6 U/1000 – 256 Players
  • K6 Unrated – 145 Players
  • Blitz K3 – 78 Players
  • Blitz K6 – 175 Players

New York is at the top of the list with 99 schools participating and 674 chess players ! According to predictions New York Schools are among the strongest at the nationals, with Dalton, Horace Mann, and Hunter at the top!

In Section K – 5 , Hunter and Horace Mann are clearly the leaders!

Hunter is a selective public school in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, they are coached by the renowned Sunil Weermantry who is also the U.S. Chess Trust’s VP for Scholastic Chess.

Horace Mann is a private school. Their chess program is run by the Kids’ Chess Network. Their instructors include GMs Nick DeFirmian and John Fedorowicz.

Click here to check out the exclusive U.S. Chess Trust Nick DeFirmian Interview .

In the K – 6 Section , Dalton, is the top contender and the school to beat!

Dalton is one of the most prestigious private schools in the country. They have a very talented coaching staff – David MacEnulty, GM Miron Sher, WIM Beatriz Marinello, WGM Alla Grinfeld, and a talented first board, James Shao.

Incidentally, the movie “Knights of the South Bronx” is the true heroic story of David MacEnulty, who went into a broken-down school, and taught a group of aimless inner city children how to play chess.  Check it out!

These chess coaches are among the most talented you can find !

David MacEnulty (2007) , WIM Beatriz Marinello (2008) , and Sunil Weeramantry (2005) are also the recipients of the UTD Chess Educator of the Year Awards!

Columbia Grammar, NYC Lab School , Hunter and Magellan Day School (WI) are also teams to look out for !

In the K-3 Section , Horace Mann, Americo Paredes (TX) and Hunter seem to be the strongest!

Click Here for complete detailed lists of this years particpating schools and  chessplayers! 2008 Bert Lerner National Elementary Championships

This is shaping up to be a very exciting event! Stay tuned for more coverage on this event!

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