WonderBoy Magnus Carlsen’s Climb to the Top

Magnus Carlsen WonderBoy Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen at 17 years of age, is rapidly climbing to the top of the FIDE list.

It would not be unrealistic to predict that by age 20, Carlsen may became the youngest World Champion ever.  In the coming years, we will be hearing much more about this young player’s accomplishments and his climb to the top.

Incidentally, GM Simen Agdestein who coached Magnus at the Norwegian High School for Top Athletes wrote the book – Wonderboy: How Magnus Carlsen Became the Youngest Chess Grandmaster in the World

(FIDE.com) – When news broke of the FIDE Grand Prix Series, who could have guessed that wonderboy Magnus Carlsen (17) from Norway would be seeded first? To be honest, we should call him neither wonderboy nor super talent by now, since Carlsen simply belongs to the world elite now, occupying a splendid 5th spot on the April 2008 FIDE rating list.

Magnus Carlsen was born on November 30, 1990 in Tønsberg, Norway. He was coached at the Norwegian high school for top athletes (by the GM Simen Agdestein), which he still visits regularly.

The result that brought him to the attention of the international chess world was his victory in the C group at the Corus Chess Tournament in Wijk aan Zee in 2004 – his first GM norm. Only three months later Carlsen became an international Grandmaster at the age of 13 years, 4 months and 27 days, the third youngest GM in history.

In May-June 2007, Carlsen participated in the Candidates Tournament to qualify for the FIDE World Championship Tournament in September in Mexico. Carlsen drew his match with top seed Levon Aronian and after the 4-game rapid playoff was drawn as well, Aronian won both tiebreaker (blitz) games.

In December last year, Carlsen reached the semi-finals of the World Cup tournament in Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia), being eliminated by the eventual winner Gata Kamsky.

Carlsen’s results in 2008 have been excellent, winning the Corus Chess Tournament in Wijk aan Zee together with Levon Aronian, finishing second in Linares, winning Baku (FIDE Grand Prix) together with Gashimov, Wang Yue.

Carlsen is a modest and calm young man, known for using his tournament rest days playing tennis, football or squash. His playing style has matured rapidly. He readily combines sharp attacks with difficult endings, resulting from a wide range of openings.

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