28 Sep

How To Start A Chess Program In Your School

CHESS IN THE SCHOOLS How Does Chess Benefit Children? The game of chess helps young people learn to concentrate, think logically, overcome obstacles, spot patterns and categorize information. It helps with the development of problem-solving skills, planning, patience, focus of ...

25 Sep

Harold B Dondis -Chess Modesty to Be Admired

Chairman Emeritus, Trustee & Co-Founder of the U.S. Chess Trust, Harold Dondis Our Officers and Trustees, not only promote and contribute generously to the U.S. Chess Trust Mission, but, their lives are inspiring and quite a vision in the chess world. In 1972, thirty-five ...

22 Sep

Royal Knights in East Harlem

In light of our Charity of the Month – Chess for Youth Program, we would like to share the following article. In looking back we can all gain inspiration from history and find many stories about how chess has changed ...

21 Sep

Smart Kids Play Chess or Chess Makes Kids Smart ?

In her article Brenda Dyck ponders this very question and brings up some very valid points. Below is the article in its entirety, it was published in Education World. Chess, Anyone? — Chess As an Essential Teaching Tool Each week, ...

17 Sep

Estimated Age Effects in Athletic Events and Chess

I would like to thank Jim Eade for sending me this very interesting article, titled “Estimated Age Effects in Athletic Events and Chess” by Ray C Fair. As a chess player in my early forties, the questions which are being addressed ...

16 Sep

Multiple Intelligences

BATTLE OF THE BRAINS – Last night the Science Channel aired a special titled the Battle of the Brains. Seven experts in different fields, including GM Susan Polgar, were exposed to different tests, of which, the end results indicate that Howard ...

14 Sep

The Philanthropist’s Mind

Photograph: Jorge Saggiante What Are the Motivations That Drive People to Donate Money to Charities? I ask myself this question , after reading about Jorge Saggiante who has donated millions of dollars towards the organization of the World Chess Championship in Mexico. ...

12 Sep

“The Math Teacher and the King” by Beatriz Marinello

B Marinello (Age 14) The day that I fell in love with chess… I remember the day that I fell in love with chess…I was a participant in a chess club taught at my school, by our math teacher, Luis ...

11 Sep

Lasker at his Best !

White to move, and wins. Former World Champion Emmanuel Lasker finished this game with a crashing knight move! Lets use his famous quote in order to find the winning move -“When you see a good move, look for a better ...

07 Sep

Powerful Combination of Pieces !

POWERFUL COMBINATION OF PIECES! In this position, Black can either checkmate in three moves or win the White Queen. The Queen and the Knight are the most powerful combination of pieces, since they can cover all the movements of the ...

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