30 Dec

Can A Former World Champion Make An Illegal Move?

Can a Former World Champion Make an Illegal Move? White: Karpov, Anatoli / Black: Chernin, Alexander / Tilburg Rapid 1992 Karpov just promoted his Pawn into a Queen and has only 10 seconds on his clock. Chernin on the other ...

27 Dec

Meeting Of All Living World Chess Champions Planned For Chess Olympiad 2008

Press Release From – Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008 MEETING OF ALL LIVING WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONS PLANNED FOR CHESS OLYMPIAD 2008 First invitation given to Anatoly Karpov – Gesture to Kasparov A meeting bringing together all living World Chess Champions shall become ...

16 Dec

USCF – Chess Life For Kids Contest!

HEY LOOK – ANOTHER CHESS LIFE FOR KIDS CONTEST! If you would like a chance to win a copy of Treasure Chess by Bruce Pandolfini and Chess: The Q & A Way, also by Bruce Pandolfini, all you have to do ...

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