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06 Jun

One of the Winners of the Scholastic Service Awards: Southern Arizona Chess Association (SACA)

The Southern Arizona Chess Association (SACA) is one of the recipients of the prestigious Scholastic Service Award (Organization). The Southern Arizona Chess Association (SACA) has been an affiliate of the USCF since 1980. During the school year, SACA runs a scholastic league ...

04 Jun

One of the Winners of the 2008 Scholastic Service Award: Steven Shutt

Steven Shutt Note from the Editor: Beatriz Marinello I have had the honor to know Steven Shutt since 1991. Since then, I have seen Steven performing different roles, such as an expert level player, chess coach, member of the Scholastic ...

03 Jun

One of the Winners of the 2008 Scholastic Service Award: Michael Khodarkovsky

Michael Khodarkovsky About Michael Khodarkovsky An internationally ranked chess master,  Michael Khodarkovsky was born in Odessa, Ukraine, on July 21, 1958, and now resides in New Jersey. Michael was a well known trainer of chess champions in the former Soviet ...

29 May

How to Tell if Your Child is Ready for Tournament Play

Tips on How to Tell if Your Child is Ready for Tournament Play: Your child already participates in a Chess Class and/or has a brother or sister experienced in tournament play. Your child shows an interest in participating in tournament ...

26 May

2008 Scholastic Service Awards

After lengthy deliberation the Scholastic Council is pleased to put forth two names for the Scholastic Service Award:  Stephen Shutt and Michael Khodarkovsky. This week we will be featuring the recipients of this prestigious award, for the individual awards and ...

25 May

58 Schools Participate in Baltimore Citywide Chess Championship

The Baltimore City Schools Chess Championships were held on Tuesday, May 20th. The championships were graciously hosted by the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University. The competition was intense as the quality of play continues to improve each ...

12 May

Powerful Combination of Pieces

Powerful Combination of Pieces ! In this position, Black can either checkmate in three moves or win the White Queen. The Queen and the Knight are the most powerful combination of pieces, since they can cover all the movements of ...

11 May

A Brilliant Rook Sacrifice

Find an impressive and elegant way for Black to win the game!

10 May

Should You Start a Scholastic Chess Club?

With the Bert Lerner Elementary Nationals under way, many schools, parents, teachers, and school administrators may be wondering – Should we start a Scholastic Chess Club in our school? At the Elementary Nationals, New York is at # 1 with an amazing ...

09 May

The Bert Lerner Elementary Nationals Kick Off! (May 9-11, 2008)

The Bert Lerner Elementary Nationals Kick Off ! This is the largest and the most competitive Scholastic Chess Event in the country!  636 Teams from 45 States , 43 States represented, and 2178 Players! Location: David L. Lawrence Convention Center – 1000 Ft. Duquesne ...

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