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21 Sep

Smart Kids Play Chess or Chess Makes Kids Smart ?

In her article Brenda Dyck ponders this very question and brings up some very valid points. Below is the article in its entirety, it was published in Education World. Chess, Anyone? — Chess As an Essential Teaching Tool Each week, ...

11 Sep

Lasker at his Best !

White to move, and wins. Former World Champion Emmanuel Lasker finished this game with a crashing knight move! Lets use his famous quote in order to find the winning move -“When you see a good move, look for a better ...

07 Sep

Powerful Combination of Pieces !

POWERFUL COMBINATION OF PIECES! In this position, Black can either checkmate in three moves or win the White Queen. The Queen and the Knight are the most powerful combination of pieces, since they can cover all the movements of the ...

06 Sep

Why Chess? by Dr. Peter Dauvergne

WHY CHESS? Based on The Case for Chess as a Tool to Develop Our Childrens Minds, given in 2000 by Dr. Peter Dauvergne Chess is one of the most powerful educational tools available to strengthen a childs mind. Chess can ...

02 Sep

A Brilliant Rook Sacrifice

Find an impressive and elegant way for Black to win the game!

29 Aug

Is Chess 99% Tactics?

IS CHESS 99% TACTICS? According to Richard Teichmann this is the case..What do you think? Lets take a look at the following position: White to move. White wins with a remarkable Rook sacrifice! Try to find it…

23 Aug

Chess in Education- (Series 1, Dr. Robert Ferguson) by WIM Beatriz Marinello

CHESS IN EDUCATION – (Series 1, Dr. Robert Ferguson) By WIM Beatriz Marinello This is a beginning of a series of articles based on chess personalities who have been contributing to the development and promotion of chess in education in ...

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