New York City Welcomes Women’s World Chess Champion!


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By Beatriz Marinello
New York, NY – March 18, 2009

GM Alexandra Kosteniuk will play a 20-Board Simultaneous Exhibition this coming Saturday, March 21, 2009 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., in New York City at the British International School of New York.

This good will event will benefit the U.S. Chess Trust. 150 spectators are expected to attend the event, which is by invitation only.

However, thanks to technology and the U.S. Chess Trust’s website, all of you can show your support and cheer for the chess players on our ‘Live Games Blog’!

You can also view event photos, make a donation, and see the Women’s World Chess Champion in action!

So, mark your calendars and cheer these chess players on by logging on to our website at!

A huge thanks to GM Alexandra Kosteniuk and her family for supporting the U.S. Chess Trust!

Autographs and Photographs

Get an autograph and your photograph taken with GM Alexandra Kosteniuk!

Our official event photographer will be on-hand to photograph the event and take pictures of the participants and guests with GM Alexandra Kosteniuk. The Women’s World Chess Champion will also sign autographs.

Refreshments and Activities

Refreshments will be served. Guests will have the opportunity to mingle, play chess, and watch the simul from the multi-purpose room on a large projection screen.

This is sure to be a fantastic event for the chess community!

Below you will find a list of the 20 chess players who will challenge GM Kosteniuk, the participant’s ages range from 5-70 years old.

The names are listed based on USCF ratings. The ‘Live Games‘ which will be broadcasted are indicated next to the players name.


If you are playing in the simul, please arrive at least 15 minutes early.

• Dr. Leroy Dubeck,  Rating 2200,  Live Broadcast
• Alena Kats,  Rating 2023,  Live Broadcast
• Anna Matlin,  Rating 2009,  Live Broadcast
• Medina Parrilla,  Rating 1992,  Live Broadcast
• Alexies Paredes,  Rating 1876,  Live Broadcast
• Eve Zhurbinskiy,  Rating 1865,  Live Broadcast
• Ezequiel Quinones, Rating 1706,  Live Broadcast
• Tanisha Millan,  Rating 1607,  Live Broadcast
• Leo Dubler,  Rating 1567,  Live Broadcast
• Natan Luehrmann,  Rating 1187
• Anagh Kulkarni,  Rating 1165
• Aisha Camara,  Rating 1161
• Sam Chapin,  Rating 1159
• Tomas Vonderheide,  Rating 1149
• Jaqueline Kuo,  Rating 1057
• Paul Davies,  Live Broadcast
• Teddy Nacos
• Musavvir Khan Noorpuri
• Tayla Brown
• Ben Stedman

A Special Thanks to the British International School of New York!

We would like to thank the British International School of New York for allowing us to host the event at their school campus and providing amazing support for this event!

The British International School is housed in one of the most impressive school facilities in New York City.  Overlooking the East River, the school building has large classrooms, filled with natural light and river views.  The British International School is conveniently located at 20 Waterside Plaza, New York City.

For more information about British International School of New York – please visit their website at

For more about GM Alexandra Kosteniuk – please visit her at:

• Website:
• Her podcast:
• Video podcast at
• You can also find more on her YouTube channel at

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  • Natan

    Kosteniuk was a great match, though i got crushed in the first moves when i played terrible against her first move, e4.

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