Question of the Month by Jim Eade

Do You Consider the Game of Chess To Be More of A Science or An Art?

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  • mitchell denker

    whatever the answer it would be the same for music and mathematics,these are the only 3 fields in which we see real child prodigies

  • mitchell denker

    i dont know that answer because there are too many variables in ones definitions,having said that however my answer would be the same for chess,mathematics,and music the only 3 areas in which there are genuine child prodigies

  • Dutcher

    chess is the study of an art. think about the history of the game. all of the openings and defenses that have been scrutinized for so long..a very well documented game indeed. it is a science for some person entering data into a computer somewhere, it has shed some light on some brain activity .
    chess is multifaceted and captivating i beleave that is where it gets its artisticness from, not to mention the fancy chessmen that are available!

  • UKnight

    The answer is both, but it depends on how you play the game.

    There is a scientific aspect to chess, relating to all the studied openings and different lines that are played over and over by humans and computers. This happens almost without thought or decision because every studied line already HAS significance.

    The Art element to chess comes from making an unusual move and GIVING it significance. Crazy sacrifices and giving up material is not scientific because it doesn’t have significance until you (personally) give it some, and at that moment you illustrate the art of chess.

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